Matt Kindt's "Red Handed" graphic novel coming May 2013 ~ What'cha Reading?

Matt Kindt’s “Red Handed” graphic novel coming May 2013


From the creator, author, artist of Mind MGMT and :01 First Second comes another truly unique graphic novel!

Here’s the preview information from :01 First Second Press:

“A thrilling look at the mysterious nature of crime and justice.

Welcome to the city of Red Wheelbarrow, where the world’s greatest detective has yet to meet the crime he can’t solve—every criminal in Red Wheelbarrow is caught and convicted thanks to Detective Gould’s brilliant mind and cutting-edge spy technology.

But lately there has been a rash of crimes so eccentric and random that even Detective Gould is stumped. Will he discover the connection between the compulsive chair thief, the novelist who uses purloined street signs to write her magnum opus, and the photographer who secretly documents peoples’ most anguished personal moments? Or will Detective Gould finally meet his match?

Operating with wit and perception in the genre of hard-boiled crime fiction, Red Handed owes as much to Paul Auster as Dashiell Hammett, and raises some genuinely sticky questions about human nature.”

Along with the publishers information there was a ten page excerpt that I loved. I wish I could post it here to share with all of you. It’s about a man who steals, not a petty criminal mind you, this man steals art. His story is told as a first person narrative. He not only takes you through his crime but into his thoughts. Thoughts on why he does it and how it makes him feel. I have no idea how it ties into the main story but it was mesmerizing none the less. That’s the best way I can describe it, Matt’s art style, his muted watercolors it all works so well with his story-telling it’s actually mesmerizing.

Well when and if I get some pages from this book you can be sure I’ll post them. Be sure to put this on your pull list or wish list or a post it on you wall, this is one to wait for.

Red Handed – The Fine Art of Strange Crimes
Written & Illustrated by Matt Kindt
Publisher: First Second
Release Date: 5/7/2013
ISBN: 9781596436626
ISBN10: 159643662X
Format: Hardcover
Type: Graphic Novels
Specs: 6 x 8 1/2 inches, 272 pages, full color throughout

Be sure to check out Matt’s blog: Matt Kindt – Super Spy and the Mind MGMT page!


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