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Masks and Mobsters – MonkeyBrain Comics


I get a lot of comics. Seriously I get more stuff than any one person could honestly ever read let alone responsibly review. Even with my friends and colleagues contributing to the site I can’t hope to cover everything that’s out there.

So when I come across something that really grabs me I do my best to get the word out as soon as possible.


Masks and Mobsters is one of those books. Billed as a noir crime anthology, Joshua Williamson writes the hell out of it, giving us a book that’s every bit noir; moody, desperate, and tense. This sixth issue of the series is the first I’ve seen but if they’re all this good I’ll have to get the rest! Working in black and white, Justin Greenwood gives us stark, simple panels that highlight the drama beautifully.

Masks_and_Mobsters_06.indd Masks_and_Mobsters_06.indd Masks_and_Mobsters_06.indd

For those unfamiliar with Joshua Williamson his work has graced almost every major publishers books, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, to name a few. Find out more about Joshua over at his site The Joshua Williamson .com

Justin Greenwood has another project on the horizon. I’m looking forward to seeing how “Ghost Town” from Action Lab’s new Danger Zone imprint comes out. Jump over to Justin’s site or the Danger Zone tumblr to see what it’s all about

Here’s the blurb from MonkeyBrain on Masks and Mobsters, followed by links to the book and series on

Masks and Mobsters

Masks and Mobsters is a noir crime anthology written by Joshua Williamson with a rotating team of artists to showcase the standalone stories set in the fictional Golden City where the mob has started to fight back against those who would try to steal their piece of the pie.

Masks and Mobsters #6
$.99 – Ages 15+ – What makes a hero in Golden City? Is it putting on a mask? Saving the day? Or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time? A mobster from the past returns with a scarred face, asking those same questions and will kill anyone to get answers.

Joshua Williamson, Writer
Justin Greenwood, Artist

Here is the direct link to purchase (live on Wed, Jan 30th)

Can’t wait a day? Check out the rest of the series!

Masks and Mobsters: The Series

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