Marvel's Secret Wars SPOILED! ~ What'cha Reading?

Marvel’s Secret Wars SPOILED!


***This article contains SPOILERS***

***Plot points of current issues are spoken about openly***

***You have been warned***

Late last night I received and email from our currently MIA contributor Bob Lazauskas

Marvel's Secret Wars SPOILED!In Uncanny Avengers #2, Johnny Storm is sadly reminiscing about a past conversation with Reed Richards, in the middle of a battle, he then flies off to consult with some college nerds for help in said battle. One of whom he asks if “there will be any POSTHUMOUS publications of his scientific endeavors” referring to Reed Richards.

Johnny acknowledges Reeds death by stating “Reed’s not around to help us anymore..” Secret Wars # 7, which also comes out today, shows a still living Reed Richards, working with his Ultimate counterpart to end Doom’s reign. With two issues to go you have to wonder if Marvel just shot themselves in the foot, dropping a large plot point, and possibly driving down the purchase numbers for the series which is already suffering a drop in fan base due to its delays, and titles coming out taking place after it ends, taking the climax out of a universe altering event and a universal re-launch.

So Reed is dead?!? How dead? Dead how? And for how long? With Marvel’s long storied history of resurrecting characters mere minutes after their tragic demise could Reed’s apparent death in Uncanny Avengers #2 be a red herring?

Well true believers I guess you need to read the issue and decide for yourself!

Uncanny Avengers #2 and Secret Wars #7 are on sale now!

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