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Marvel’s Luke Cage – The Latest on the Hero for Hire!


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With Marvel’s Jessica Jones set to premiere on Netflix sometime this year, casting is well underway for Marvel’s Luke Cage.  Reported by Deadline is the casting of Frank Whaley as Detective Rafael “Rafe” Scarfe.  This follows the casting of Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi, Simone Missick, and Mahershala Ali.  The lead role of Marvel’s hero for hire, Luke Cage, belongs to Mike Colter of The Good Wife, The Following, and Halo.

The character of Detective Scarfe is a character with ties to the Marvel Comics Universe.  He was created by Chris Claremont and Pat Broderick in “Marvel Premiere” #23.  I would not be surprised to find collectors begin their search for that book to flip.  As always, for informed comic book speculation, please defer to

For those interested, here is a quick list of the other cast members and their respective characters within Marvel’s third production with Netflix – Luke Cage:

  • Alfre Woodard – Minetta, “a powerful woman in local politics who will have an impact on Luke Cage’s life.”  It is widely believed that she will be the comic villain known as Black Mariah.
  • Theo Rossi – The Sons of Anarchy alum will be playing the Archie Goodwin and John Romita Sr. villain known as Shades.  This character made his first appearance in “Luke Cage, Hero for Hire” issue 1.
  • Simone Missick – While announced as playing a character named “Missy”, many have speculated that Simone Missick will be playing the hero Misty Knight!
  • Mahershala Ali – Straight from Marvel, Mahershala Ali will play Cornell Stokes.  This character made his first appearance in the 1974 issue 19 of “Power Man.”  Marvel has described Cornell Stokes, the Netflix version, as Stokes as “a Harlem nightclub owner, [who]will become an unexpected foe in Luke’s life when Stokes’ criminal activities threaten Luke’s world.”

Marvel’s Luke Cage appears as if it will continue the inspired casting trend that started with their first foray into Netflix programming, Daredevil.  While Luke Cage doesn’t have a start date set for production just yet, fans will get to see the character make his debut alongside Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones.  With only 3 and a 1/2 months left of 2015, it’s reasonable to expect an announcement regarding Marvel’s Jessica Jones to arrive soon, especially with New York Comic Con fast approaching.

I’d also like to point out that Frank Whaley appeared as Brett in the opening of Pulp Fiction.  He has now joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is also home to actor Samuel L. Jackson.  So please keep this is mind when contemplating all of the future possibilities of what we could possibly see within the framework of the MCU.

*The following scene does contain one expletive and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

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