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This is a “quick and dirty” review, I haven’t searched every nook and cranny, I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff. This is just to give you a slightly less slanted opinion of the site than the press release, as usual YMMV (your mileage may vary).

It’s a floor wax, it’s a dessert topping! Wait it’s both! Marvel unleashed the new upon the unsuspecting children of the world. Is it a place to send your kid to “web” surf? Well let’s take a look shall we?

Yes this site is obviously a vehicle to drive people to watch “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors” but it’s also a really well done website. New Spider-Man Site - Destination or Extended Commercial?It’s pretty straight-forward, games, videos, characters, and activities.

It’s a slick looking responsive site, with a few (very few) easter eggs (click on Spidey to hear his catchphrase). The menus are large and easily navigated, though the lack of a back button in the different spots makes that navigation a little long in the tooth.

In the “Games” section you have a choice of 7 different games, all of which are variations on the side scroller or arcade shooter (or web-shooter in this case). As is usually the case “easy” is way too easy and “hard” can take you out without warning but all in all the games are cute and show off many of Spidey’s popular powers…


Next up… Videos. We get 8 videos all from the reason for this relaunch of the site “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors”! The clips range from a minute to a minute and a half and are filled with quippy beat’em up goodness!

MarvelKidsSpideyVideosBut if you scroll down just a bit you’ll find more videos. Not only from Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man series, there’s also a slew of Marvel Mash-up Videos and Behind the Scenes clips!

The “Character” section is pretty self explanatory, short bios of all the major players; Venom, Doctor Octopus, Electro and many more. But to be honest you can get better info from other sites with more than one character image as well.

Moving on to… Activities! This to me is the make or break for a tv or movie site. My kids are only allowed on their computers for a certain amount of time each day (I know I’m a horrible mean parent! My kids remind me of that often!) so having printable sheets is a real plus. Well they definitley have some cool stuff to start off with. Coloring sheets, word searches, mazes and as you saw in the press release…


MarvelKids_USMWWCharacterGuideMarvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors Friends and Foes Character Guide filled with over 20 pages of content – character bios, power grids and backstories”

This is a must for any super hero obsessed kid. My son is just learning to read and this is going to be printed out, more than once (so pages can be cut and hung on walls), it will be on his tablet so he can ask me to re-read it in the car (to which I’ll remind him that “no, Daddy can’t read while he’s driving little dude, wait till we get there please…”) and we’ll have to discuss every character and all their powers at infinitum. To be honest I can’t wait!

Marvel has announced sites like his for The Avengers, and if they do it this well, with this much attention to detail it will be an amazing site.

I’m going to say if your kids are in the 4 to 80 range and love Spidey this site will definitley entertain. 4 out of 5 stars!




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