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Marvel Unveils New Angela! meh whatever.


Saw this on ICv2 this morning and sent it out to the troops:



Marvel Comics has revealed Joe Quesada’s character design for the upcoming introduction of Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane’s Angela into the Marvel Universe.  First announced back in March (see “Gaiman Takes Angela to the Marvel Universe“) and reimagined by Chief Creative Officer Quesada, Angela will debut in June’s Age of Ultron #10, written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Bryan Hitch, Carlos Pacheco, Alex Maleev, Butch Guice, David Marquez, Joe Quesada, and Brandon Peterson.  Age of Ultron #10 will be available on June 19th…

Most of’s contributors have busy lives, things going on, you know stuff. But I knew I’d get one or two responses…

First mine (hey I’m writing the damn article ain’t I?!?), I’ve gone on the record a myriad of times in reference to Todd MacFarlane and his “contributions” to the world of comics. I dug Spawn, though admittedly the HBO animated feature more than the comic. So my ears do perk up when I hear things mentioned. When the story first broke took an interest, for about 7 seconds. Then I thought;

Are we supposed to take this insertion of a character from the Spawn Universe, last seen in that universe around 2005, and now a “major player” in the history of the Marvel U seriously? We are talking about Marvel right? “One More Day”, “No More Mutants”, “Death of Captain America”, “Superior Spiderman”, I’ve missed probably hundreds of other ground-breaking, earth-shattering changes to the Marvel Universe but you get the idea.

Why bother paying attention, this is another stunt in a long line of stunts meant to separate you from more of your precious cheddar. But let’s hear what some of my cohorts have to say…

My email (with the link to the IC2V story included) read as follows “Opinions? Comments?” (can I ask a question or what?)

First up Rosemary;

“I’m ridiculously excited to see Angela again; she was always one of my favorite characters. I guess, in my mind, I was expecting her to look the same, which is nuts because she’s obviously not going to be drawn by MacFarlane. I’ll admit I was surprised by the overall look, because like I said, the McFarlane image is what I identify with, but I’m interested. I can’t wait to see what Gaiman (who will be penning Guardians of the Galaxy #5 in July) does with her.”

And of course she’s right. If you were a fan of Angela and she’s coming back, let alone coming back with Neil Giaman writing her it’s worth being excited about.

But then we have Robert, or as he’s slowly becoming known  “The Valiant Guy

“I’m kinda turned off by it. Never was a Spawn fan or MacFarlane for that matter. And seems its being shoe-horned in to a lackluster “blockbuster” event solely for sales purposes. I know very little about the character herself but can’t see the connection between a story about a malevolent AI attacking the present from the future and an bounty hunter from heaven with spawn earrings.
That being said I’m still going to get it at least to see if they can pull it off..”

So what’s the common thread? Well Robert and I are not fans of Spawn (or Macfarlane) so is it fair to say our lack of attraction to a Spawn character may have us on a decidedly Meh side of the fence? I hope so, I hope Robert and I are wrong. I hope Marvel stops screwing around and takes some tips from its good books, (Personal favorite? X-Factor, Peter David rocks!) and cut’s all this earth-shattering crap. Just tell good stories guys, that’s all we want.

Now like you I noticed that only three of our six million (ok just 7) contributors weighed in on this topic. I’d like to chalk that up to the fact that most of them really don’t pay any attention to anything I email them and are all probably on beaches somewhere beautiful. It’s either that, or life got in the way…

Got an opinion about Angela? Marvel? MacFarlane? Why my contributors don’t answer my emails? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. The only reason I didn’t write about Angela myself is because life got in the way this morning. But I still stand by my ridiculous excitement, especially since I just re-read the Angela miniseries about a month ago. Because I missed her.

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