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Marvel Universe LIVE!!!! – Another Perspective


If you read Steven Biscotti’s piece yesterday (Marvel Universe Live! – Two Things…) you may be asking yourself, it couldn’t be THAT good… Could it?

I am a 44-year-old father of two. I read, collect, and am lucky enough to review a ton of comics. This was the show I’d been waiting for my whole childhood. And it was only made better by the fact that my wife and kids enjoyed it as much as I did.

It’s well written, well staged, well acted, and man the stunts were fun. Were there some soft spots? Sure. Just like most of the “…On Ice” shows it’s not stage quality acting. The emphasis tends to be more on the choreography and stunts. This is understandable but still in an age where The Guardians of The Galaxy, The Avengers, and Iron Man drive big bucks at the box office they should really focus as much as they can on making these shows flow as smoothly as possible. As I said earlier it was well acted, but some things missed the mark.

I’m not going to nitpick there’s really only one thing I can say wasn’t on point, the beats. The story beats. The script was tight, good story, solid characterizations, but as the scenes ended the transitions fell fairly flat. They had us, the whole audience, on the edge of our seats but when the lights cut out the applause just wasn’t there. I don’t think it was the crowd they applauded readily enough, when given the right cues, those cues just didn’t Marvel Universe LIVE!!!! - Another Perspectivematerialize . Even the built in plot device to ensure audience participation wasn’t utilized.

Allow me to explain. In the first act Peter Parker gives Tony Stark a device called the Lectro Link it functions as a remote power source for the Iron Man armor. It works by collecting power from available devices nearby, devices like other Lectro Links (on sale at the kiosks in the lobby), cellphones, and other electronics.

So in the third act, when the chips are down, and all the heroes are captured Tony Stark realizes that he can use the Lectro Link to recharge his suit and win the day. And there it was. The moment. What I like to call the “clap if you believe in fairies” moment. But it never happened. The good guys won, the bad guys lost but after a whole show that missed the applause points, never really got the audience to its feet, it missed its best chance.

And I still loved it.

Every single moment. Yes, it was THAT good.

And by the way, if you haven’t read Steven’s piece, Marvel Universe Live! – Two Things…, you really should, I highly recommend it.

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