Marvel Premiere(S) Ant-Man! *Catch what I did there? ~ What'cha Reading?

Marvel Premiere(S) Ant-Man! *Catch what I did there?


Marvel Premiere(S) Ant-Man! *Catch what I did there?

After a few days of teasing, Marvel has proudly unveiled the very first teaser trailer for Ant-Man.  Airing near the very end of ABC’s Agent Carter, the teaser trailer looks to maintain a spectacular tone that not only pays homage to the classic “Tales To Astonish” stories in which it is partially based on, but also maintains the irreverent and fun feel that made Iron Man such a hit back in 2008.  And let’s not forget that Iron Man’s success truly launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it today.

Along with the trailer, Marvel also released the first teaser poster for the July 17, 2015 film along with a look at this week’s “Entertainment Weekly” issue that features a cover story on the long in development film.  Today has been a GIANT of a day for fans of the Ant-Man!  Let’s not forget that this Wednesday marks the release of Ant-Man #1 by Marvel Comics.


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