Marvel Now! - To INFINITY!!!! (and beyond!) A timeline leading up to Marvel's Infinity ~ What'cha Reading?

Marvel Now! – To INFINITY!!!! (and beyond!) A timeline leading up to Marvel’s Infinity


This august (August 14, 2013 to be exact) Marvel Comics presents Infinity, a six issue mini series by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Jimmy Cheung, Jerome Opena, and Dustin Weaver. Pulling on threads from previous Marvel cosmic history, as well as the stunning amount of concepts from his run on Fantastic Four and FF, and branching off from his current Avengers run, Jonathan Hickman is promising to change the Marvel landscape for good. With a stellar cast of such characters as the Avengers, the Builders, Guardians of The Galaxy, and villains the like of Thanos and his new Generals, Infinity is guaranteed to be a landmark event.

Infinity Promo

As the case with any event hinging on past events, as well as the stuff going on currently, Infinity can seem a bit daunting to old readers and new alike. In order to help light the path, I have compiled a flow chart of sorts (with a decent amount of help from Orlando’s own God of Comics: Bart Hagan!) that will hopefully help readers, and retailers trace back stories we found to be pertinent to the upcoming Infinity event.  Please keep in mind that Marvel has hundreds of more cosmic stories than on this char, and this is by no means a definitive list, it’s more like a train map, you can get off at any station, what you do in that neighborhood is your choice!

I’ve also broken it down into separate ages (pretty much Silver,Bronze and Modern age) so you can go back, or forward wherever you want within a particular time. I tried to include as many original issue numbers as I could, but a little research into the trades will give you the issue numbers you need if trades are not your thing.

So sit back, relax and scroll away! Hope this is helpful to all you Mighty Marvel Marchers, Enjoy!  (uhm… you might want to get a notepad…)

Onto our first age, covering early Marvel, an age I refer to as…………


Fantastic Four:

FF #44-50 – 1st App. Inhumans,
1st app. Silver Surfer & Galactus
FF# 64&65 1st App. Ronan, Kree
FF Annual #6 1st Annihilus

Fantastic_Four_Vol_1_48 ff 65

The Origin of Galactus by Jack Kirby Thor #168 and 169 and Special

thor-168169-11Galactus The Origin Cover

Fantastic Four #66-67(1stWarlock)  

Fantastic_Four_Vol_1_67Inhumans #1-2 &   Thor #146-152: Inhumans Origin (available in Inhumans tpb)


Which all leads up to Marvel’s first and most revered “War”:

The Kree/Skrull War

Avengers# 89-98KreeSkrull

(available in Avengers:Kree/Skrull War Tpb)  
The following segments should be read concurrently, as Starlin does a masterful job tying them together…….    

>Avengers VS THanos     warlock1

 Rise of Thanos                                                                                   Warlock’s Odyssey

(avaialble in Avengers vs Thanos Tpb )                                                                                   Strange Tales #178-181
  Iron Man#55 Cpt Marvel #25-33                                                                         Warlock #9-15, Marvel TeamUp#55  
  Marvel 2-in-1 Ann # 2 and Avengers Ann.#7                                                        Avengers #125 &Hulk 175-178
(and now for a little divergence into the future, Marvel’s most popular current team, and stars of the upcoming movie……..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Superheroes #18,Marvel Presents#3-12,
Defenders 26-29,GS#5, Marvel 2-in-1 #4-5
(available in Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers tpb)
and read their first adventure with the Avengers in the….

Korvac Saga

Avengers# 167-177

(Available in Avengers:Korvac Saga Tpb)


and back to the past for one of its sadder moments….

The Death of Captain Marvel

(available in death of Captain Marvel TPB)
………..and we arrive at a title that, while not necessarily related to Infinity, showcases heroes and villains alike who become integral to the current Marvel cosmos as well as set the stage for many of Marvels future stories;  a good Primer for Marvel’s main characters and a good starter for the uninitiated………

Secret Wars




….a time when a Mad Titan takes the stage as Marvel’s number one Cosmic menace


 Rebirth of Thanos:

Silver Surfer ROT

Silver Surfer #34-38 (Available in Silver Surfer Rebirth TP)

The Thanos Quest

Thanos Quest

Infinity Gauntlet   


Infinity War:


Infinity Crusade


….and now Back to the Future for another round of adventure with the…
Guardians of the Galaxy (90’s)
(available in GOTG: Quest for the Shield Tpb)

GotG Q for S

……..this series lasted for over 60 issues, but so far no trades are available. It was a good run, especially the first 30 odd issues and worth tracking down…. now back to the Marvel cosmos with…


Avengers: Galactic Storm


…. Kree/Shi’ar War, multi-title crossover, available in tpb 2 vols.

Maximum Security


…earth turned into Galactic Prison, good intro to alien races of the MU

Inhumans #1-12 TPB

(Marvel Knights P.Jenkins & Jae Lee)


Inhumans  ( C.Pacheco & Ladronn)

(available in FF: Inhumans Tpb )

                                                                                                                                                                inhumans2000series1nq8detail (1)

….great Inhumans cosmic story with AMAZING Ladronn art, and sets the stage for the next cosmic epoch, the….



Drax The Destroyer #1-4


Thanos # 6-12

thanos samaritan
..the above being a prelude to……





(Ann. Prologue, #1-6, & minis )
(available in Annihilation TPB Vol.s 1-3)

Annihilation: Conquest

(available in Annihilation: Conquest TPB vol.s 1&2) 

AnnihilationConquest6 annihilation-conquest-2--marvel-comics-95485


…….which then spawns two titles that tie in and lead up to the next space saga:                                        
        NOVA Tpb vol.s 1&2                                                              Guardians of the Galaxy tpb Vol.1

Nova_4                       GuardiansOfTheGalaxy-01_thumb1

and now for some more earthbound arcs that have far-reaching ramifications  ….
         Avengers: Illuminati Tpb                                      X-men:Deadly Genesis

406px-Illuminati                   X-Men-DeadlyGenesis01                                                                

… the Illuminati arc leads directly into:       

Planet Hulk &   World War Hulk


…while Deadly Genesis continues in….

X-men: Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire


…while the X-Men were in space, Earth Had its own problems with the..                                                                                                                          

Secret Invasion


… which has integral parts in S.I.: Avengers & New Avengers Tpbs. as well as tying into S.I.:Inhumans Tpb and  Nova Tpb Vol 3&4…which brings us back to the X-Men in space with…
 Xmen:  Emperor Vulcan  and Kingbreaker Mini Series


both of which are preludes to….

War of Kings


( War of Kings mini 1-6 ) 

which ties into Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2&3 and Nova vol 5
GuardiansOfTheGalaxy-01_thumb1          Nova_4

Realm of Kings


( Realm of Kings Mini #1-6 )

with Guardians of the Galaxy vol 4 and Nova vol 6 as tie ins and bridges to:

The Thanos Imperative

thanos_imp( Thanos Imperative mini 1-6 )

…..which was followed by 2 miniseries:Annihilators & Annihilators: Earthfall

Annihilators_Earthfall_Vol_1_4  250px-Annihilators1_cover_300

which leaves us in……..



( Hickman & Weaver Vol 1&2)


 …in which Hickman and Weaver begin building towards the current state of affairs in the Cosmic Marvel universe, tying into…..
Fantastic Four: 570 –611                                              FF 1-22
(available in tpb vol 1-6)                                        (available in tpb vol1-4)

Fantastic-Four-By-Jonathan-Hickman-Volume-1               FF_1_COVER

…..meanwhile the Avengers and The Xmen start getting involved in affairs of a cosmic nature in…

Avengers VS Xmen 


….which leads to more cosmic shenanigans when they team up in:

uncanny aveng

and then earth is ruined and the timestream broken in the…

Age of Ultron


and Hickman continues his universe building skills in:


(5th series vol.s 1-3 & Current) 


New Avengers 

(3rd series vol. 1 & current issues )


Guardians of the Galaxy

( 3rd series- Cureent issues )        



(5th series current issues )


then find out the secrets of Thanos’ childhood in…..

Thanos Rising #1-5


which brings us nicely too……………                                           


Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art bt Jimmy Cheung, Jerome Opena, & Dustin Weaver


….with ties in like:


Infinity: The Hunt #1-4                                                        Infinity: The Heist #1-4

Written by Mad Kindt                                                                                                 Written By Frank Tieri
Art by Steven Sanders                                                                                                 Art by Al Barrianuevo

infinity-the-hunt-2                                                 Infinity_Heist_Vol_1_1_Textless


The Mighty Avengers

Written by Al Ewing
Art by Greg Land

mighty avengers

and leading into……. 




(company-wide banner,i.e Dark Reign and Heroic Age )


and the new ongoing series…..


Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Joe Madureira

Hope that all helped! and if any problems, questions, comments or concerns of a cosmic nature, please contact me using the form below, or leave a comment!

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