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Marvel Now – Thor: God of Thunder, #1 and #2



The Marvel Now “relaunch” of their key titles has been receiving pretty good reviews, and with good reason: the books are good. First off, Marvel is right – the books are not reboots. They’re leaving key plots in place (as you’ll read when I talk about Iron Man and X-Men down the road), and starting with new stories that incorporate existing storylines. It provides a good entry point for new readers, myself included.

I picked up Thor: God of Thunder #1 a few weeks ago, and couldn’t put it down. Writer Jason Aaron is giving us the God of Thunder here, not the Avenger, not the superhero. There’s some solid Norse mythology going on, with Thor hanging out with the Vikings, going on raids, drinking by the fire – he’s having a good time. And then, bam – a god’s head shows up in the water. As the storyline shifts between the Norse past, the present, and an Asgard in the distant future, we the pieces come together: something is hunting gods across the pantheons. And it’s coming for Thor.

The God Butcher runs through Issue 5, and I highly recommend checking it out. Esad Ribic’s artwork lends a grave, ancient feel to the book; the colors and shading create an overall sinister mood to the story. Who is the God Butcher? I can’t wait to learn more.



Thor: God of Thunder, #1 and #2
Story by: Jason Aaron
Art By: Esad Ribric
Cover By: Esad Ribric
Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: SEP120562/SEP120562-M
Series: Thor: God of Thunder

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover for Issue #3, on sale December 19th:


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