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Marvel Knights: Hulk – Get Your Pre-Orders In!


The Hulk will be smashing his way through Paris in Joe Keatinge’s new Marvel Knights: Hulk miniseries. Keatinge is collaborating with Polish artist Piotr Kowalski to put an amnesiac Bruce Banner on the run from unknown pursuers in the City of Lights.


While existing in continuity the miniseries will stand on its own. The new line of Marvel Knights books are meant to focus on creators, giving them familiar characters to play with in ways that working on an ongoing book may not allow.

Keatinge says the following on his blog:

I can promise the following things appear throughout the series:

Giant explosions, things getting smashed, a lot of Hulks that aren’t Bruce Banner, The Hulk that is Bruce Banner doing some heinous shit, giant killer babies, tons of robots, treasured monuments being blown to high heaven, the return of a character we haven’t seen in almost a decade, a chase sequence I actually mapped out through the Left Bank and into the Marais, abandoned atomic carnivals, drug-addled Bruce Banner, a tribute to Marvel’s 70s Third Eye Black light posters and much more presented to you by a group of folks who have been obsessed with the Hulk their entire lives.

I’m a big Keatinge fan from his work on Glory and the Hulk can be an amazing character when handled by a strong writer (I still mourn the Peter David era). The art looks amazing as well. I think this is going to be a series not to be missed.

For a look at some of the art as well as links to interviews about the books check out Joe Keatinge’s tumblr.

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Piotr Kowalski
Diamond Id: OCT130696
On sale 12/11/13
ComiXology Listing

Here are some pages from the gallery “Images From Tuesday Q&A: Marvel Knights: Hulk

MK-Hulk02 MK-Hulk03 MK-Hulk04


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