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The Markings #1 – Globe-Trotting Indie Adventure Awaits!


A mystery, stretching back thousands of years, and one man holds the key. If only they’d believe him.

The Markings #1 - Globe-Trotting Indie Adventure Awaits!

Jack Lewis is a TA, a student of history, a PH.D. candidate, and some would say a conspiracy nut. He’s sure he’s discovered a language dating back before language existed, and he’s sure he has proof. But as it usually happens to prophets there are forces seemingly against him. Can he survive long enough to prove his theory? Should he?

Indiana Jones, with a fantasy twist? National Treasure but on a global scale, with a mystical secret? What starts out as a mystery changes into a man on the run adventure full of twists turns and gunfire. This was a really fun read. You totally buy Jack’s theory right from the start and as he runs into more and more resistance you get more and more vested. The brothers Krisel have a good adventure here and they seem to have the pacing down pat. The art from artist Bong Dazo is a little manga inspired for my taste but it’s tight, maintains the pace perfectly and Eugene Perez’s colors are vibrant and eye-catching.

The Markings #1 get’s a 3.5 out of 5, a solid well done adventure book, go get a copy. Support Indie Comics!

The first three issues are available on Amazon and soon everywhere. Here’s a taste,

TheMarkings01-a TheMarkings01-b TheMarkings01-c

TheMarkings01-d TheMarkings01-e

Pick up The Markings #1 on Amazon, and check out for more info and to keep up with release for the next issue!

The Markings
Written by: James Krisel, Colin Krisel
Art by: Bong Ty Dazo
Colors by: Eugene Perez

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