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Man of God #1 A Vigilante Story, Done A Little Differently…



I like vigilante stories for the most part but they do tend to feel the same. It’s hard to not start with killing off someone’s loved ones and having them then lose it and go off on a murderous rampage to avenge them. Man of God does things a little differently.

John Morris is a pastor of a Lutheran church. He is killed in fire, that appears to have been caused by lit candles falling. The problem is John is not dead.

He awakens on the coroner’s table, after the coroner has stolen the ring from his finger. When he rises and touches the coroner, he sees all the man’s sins. He leaves the coroner collapsed on the floor. He has no memory of who he is and no understanding of this power he seems to have. He doesn’t kill, he seems to somehow take the twisted part of them so they see the error of their ways. How this affects the victims remains to be seen.

This was a good book, not great but good. I think it’s an interesting story and I’m curious to see how it all plays out. John’s wife is also still around leading me to wonder if we’ll have a Spawn-like longing for his former life if he ever remembers it. There is also a subplot that appears to involve organized crime. I imagine that will become clear as John crosses paths with the other character but for now I just found it confusing.

Man of God is gritty in tone and art. Definitely worth checking out if you like that kind of thing, which I do. I’m hoping it will improve as the story unfolds.

Written By Craig Partin
Drawn By Yvel Guichet
SRP: $0.99

When a church fire claims the life of John Morris, it seems like just another story for the 10 o’clock news. But when John is reborn and tortured by the sins of those he touches, it becomes so much more. Burned beyond recognition, John flees into the night leaving devastation in his wake as he begins his search for the truth.

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