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Man From Space – trippy new web comic from Marc Jackson


Marc makes comics. Just a quick look at his facebook page shows that. Tons of cool sketches and pages from various projects adorn his timeline. Now we’ve all seen many pages like that, aspiring artists, creators, writers using the space to show off what they’ve got going on. But besides his facebook page he also has… !!!

That’s the site where he presents his serialized strip “Man From Space“. Here’s the blurb,

“MAN FROM SPACE is a thrill-packed adventure, a romp into ridiculousness, a journey into insanity, a… you get the idea! Buckle up, pull on your triple strength fun pants and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!!”

When I first got over to man from space there was only one or two pages. And this is a surreal, crazy strip. It was obvious there was a story going on but my silly linear brain wasn’t processing it.

So I waited. And as Marc posted pages I read. The more pages I read the more I liked this strip. His cartoon-ish art style is quirky and loose and it completely compliments the warped insanity of the story. It’s the story of a barefoot, shirtless, cape-wearing astronaut, his friend/pet goldfish “Michael” and the adventures they enjoy.

This is not a comic to take too seriously. And that’s great! As a guy who reads way too many “serious” comics every week something harmless and fun is a great relief. Another refreshing difference you’ll find with this web comic? There’s no commentary on the page. None. Not a paragraph about what the artist was eating for lunch the day he drew it, no list of fans telling him how great, funny, and insightful the strip is. Nope just, go to the page, read the strip, laugh, rinse, repeat. Simple and fun.

I’m going to post the very first page of the strip, you tell me what you think.


Click the image above, or this link to see the rest! I spoke to Marc today (hm is email considered “speaking”? LOL) and there are three pages to go before issue one wraps up! He’ll be posting the whole issue online when it’s done and selling a (very) limited number of print copies! Keep up with him through the facebook (Marc Makes Comics) and twitter (@MARCmakescomics), he has plans for lot’s of new and exciting projects as well as more Man From Space to come!

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