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Make comics like the pros with “Make Comics Like The Pros”!


Make comics like the pros with "Make Comics Like The Pros"!

Just when I thought I’ve found a book that answers most of my questions on the subject of creating comic books…along comes a book that answers ALL of them. And I get the added honor of reviewing it for this site. Following on the heels of last month’s release of  John Paul Lowe’s “Foundations in Comic Book Art” (which I reviewed last month), comes Ten Speed Press’ latest offering “Make Comics Like the Pros”. Written by Incredible Hercules’ co-writer Greg Pak (thanks for the correction Mr Van Lente!) and Archer and Armstrong scribe Fred Van Lente, this book doesn’t just scratch the surface of the subject. It digs to the core.

I cannot stress how vital it is for the burgeoning artist and writer to add this manual to their library. I’ve read many books that delved into the creative side of the comic book industry ( with Lowe’s book being ahead of the pack in regards to lessons on penciling, inking, and digital effects ). However, this is the first book I’ve read that completely dissects the business aspect. It offers advice for promoting an artist’s work by providing an online presence through sites including Twitter, Tumblr, and Kickstarter (just to name a few). It even gives a detailed breakdown of Diamond Comics Distributor’s issue life cycle, order solicitations, and when the creator should expect to get paid. Name one book that gives creator’s advice on how to ace a media interview when promoting their work.

Not that this book doesn’t offer up advice on the creative side. Although I felt that the Lowe book covered more regarding lessons on art, Pak and Van Lente’s book offered up some useful tips as well. I took a lot from the chapters dealing with text placement in panels as well as creating comic script templates in Word. Separate, these two books are truly impressive. However……together?  They are practically scripture and the beginning comic professional need no other. Another win from the folks at Ten Speed Press.

5 out of 5

Make Comics Like the Pros: The Inside Scoop on How to Write, Draw, and Sell Your Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Writer: Pak, Greg
Writer: Van Lente, Fred
Artist: Yoshinobu Yamada
Cover Artist: Yoshinobu Yamada
On Sale September 10, 2014
Publisher Comics
Diamond Id: JUL141672
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 978038534463052000

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