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How I Made the World – A Journey Of Obsession & Self-Discovery!


Self knowledge is a difficult thing to obtain. We often see ourselves through filters created by the people and events around us as we grow up. The college years are often a time where we discover who we are or more likely who we would like to be. Of course none of us are any one thing but it often takes years, sometimes a lifetime to realize that.  In How I Made the World we take part of that journey of discovery with a young woman.How I Made the World - A Journey Of Obession & Self-Discovery!
Liz is a young student at an art college. She settles for a class she wasn’t interested in taking because she can’t get into the poetry class she wants. The class is ceramics and she struggles her way through it until the final project. Working on it consumes her. Somehow it takes on more meaning than even Liz realizes. Her inability to complete it successfully seems to have become a metaphor, one that she fears will represent her life. It takes seeing herself through another’s eyes to finally get back on track.

I enjoyed How I Made the World. It’s a quiet story but one that has emotional power. I’ve had those obsessive moments in my life just like Liz does with her project so it rang true to me. When something, seemingly innocuous, suddenly becomes the most important thing in life and everything will end if I don’t succeed at it. Usually it’s because I’m focusing on that thing and not whatever is really eating at me.  Life is bigger and more complicated than any one thing, of course, a lesson we all need to remember.

I give How I Made the World 4 out of 5 stars. It isn’t everyone’s type of book but if it’s yours it will be a good read.

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How I Made the World (One-Shot) (MR)
Writer: Plourde, Liz
Artist: Michaels, Randy
Cover Artist: Michaels, Randy
On Sale: June 25, 2014
Diamond Id: APR141257
Format: ONE-SHOT
Price: $2.95
ISBN: 978061582312650295

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