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M3 – not the assassin you were expecting…


From the start M3 isn’t your typical assassin story. While female assassins are de rigeur since La Femme Nikita appeared on the big screen, most are not the children of assassins’ victims.  When Machiavella Maria Marcona’s parents are killed she is taken in by the man who did the deed. Simultaneously softening him and hardening her in the process.

M3_7_CVR_RGBVella believes that she is basically cleaning up the worst of the dirty world we live in. That is what she has been raised to believe and what she continues to believe with each kill. She is chased by FBI analyst Christopher Morris who is as fascinated by her as he is repelled. Their encounters end up changing both their point of views.

M3 is great fun. It’s fast paced and intriguing. Trying to figure out who are the bad guys and who are the good ones is a lesson in futility better to just sit back and let it unfold. In the end Vella is the only one you need to root for anyway. She is enigmatic and made of sharp edges yet oddly doesn’t come off as bitter about the path her life has taken. She accepts it as it is and rolls with the punches.

Check out some pages from issue #7,

M3_07_01 M3_07_05 M3_07_14

The art has clean lines and keeps the action moving but is eminently followable. I have no problem distinguishing who is who and each character is fully drawn as much physically as they are in the writing. It’s a much pleasure to look at as to read.

M3 definitely get 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a must read.

And here’s a teaser from the same issue,


 Issue #8 is for sale now (in digital download) at the m3comic web-store. Want to catch up first? Buy the trade! Digital or Print!

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