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The Loyal Subjects Are King At Toy Fair


I was thrilled to see Bandai’s presentation of their new Miraculous toys and extremely excited to see their Power Rangers toys at Toy Fair last weekend. Just when I had thought I had my fill of Power Rangers toys, I returned to Toy Fair on its final day and, while with Editor-in-Chief Chuck, came upon a small booth.  We were greeted by a statue of Ninja Turtle Raphael which only about a foot or two shorter than myself.  I looked past Raphael and saw a small, but elaborate display of mini Power Rangers figures.  As I walked over and examined it, I was greeted by Eamon who welcomed us to The Loyal Subjects.  The Los Angeles-based company produces 3-inch blind box figure sets of characters from such shows as Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers. 


The toys look great.  They represent the characters well and are quite detailed for their size and look.  Each Ninja Turtle had their original colors and weapons.  There are grey battle-damaged Ninja Turtles that come in a four-pack as well as the original green turtles.  There is also a stealth four-pack with the turtles painted black and only their bandanas in color.  The Loyal Subjects also sells a great-looking 8-inch Leonardo figure complete with articulation, throwing stars and his signature katanas.  Being a Turtles fan in my younger days, I was proud of this line but it was The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers that I still hold dear to me.

I was impressed with the variety of products that The Loyal Subjects has made for The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  There are of course the mystery box mini figures which come with a special edition of the Red Ranger with the Green Ranger’s shield.  The Green Ranger comes with both the dragon flute and sword of darkness which was a great homage to the “Green With Evil” storyline and Tommy’s (Jason David Frank) introduction on the show.  The stealth set replaces any white in the Ranger look with black and that includes Rita and Lord Zedd.  My favorite part about the Power Rangers set is that their helmets come off to reveal the look of the original six Rangers right down to Tommy’s, Trini’s and Kimberly’s ponytails.


There are also multi-figure packs available.  The two-packs contain one Ranger and one villain.  There is Red Ranger vs. Goldar, White Ranger vs. Lord Zedd and Pink Ranger vs. Rita Repulsa.  Just above the packs of figures stood individual figures but they were different.  When I looked closer I realized they were transparent.  They had all the details of the regular figures though.  Each Ranger came with their helmet and character-specific weapons.  I wish I had known of these products earlier because I would have bought plenty of them.


Toy Fair was the first time I had ever heard of or seen The Loyal Subjects and I was impressed.  I really wish I had heard of them earlier because they put out quality products.  They are so detailed and thorough that every character is accurate to their show.  Thank you Eamon for showing Chuck and myself all the great products available, including the statue of Raphael and a statue of the Green Ranger.  I look forward to hearing more about the company and seeing more products out there on the shelves.  For more information on The Loyal Subjects and their products, visit their website at

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