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“A Love Story for Witches” – Signings Were a Hit!


"A Love Story for Witches" - Signings Were a Hit!Tensions are running high for Jaysen Headley. Author of the newly released “A Love Story For Witches“, he’s about to begin two straight days of promoting his book in New York City.  The first event, held at Forbidden Planet this past Wednesday, is more of an informal, casual affair.  Serving as a nice introduction to the public, Headley along with his editor and partner, Carl Li, have books to sign and people to say thank you to for their support. After 14 days of promoting Li’s new film, “Revenge of the Green Dragons” and “A Love Story For Witches”, it’s good to be home.

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It’s only fitting that a tight-knit family comes out to support Headley on his first day of promotions.  Set up at a table, filled with copies of Love Story, promotional cards for their YouTube series, “First Impressions“, and two promotional ads for their book featuring art by Dexter Allagahrei, a nice group surrounds the author and editor.  It’s a warm beginning for a new chapter in Jaysen Headley’s life and career.  One that will end with the characters of Adam and Eva coming to life for many of those that came out to get a copy of the novel.  On this particularly dreary night in the city, it is anything but dark inside Forbidden Planet.  You could feel the love for Love Story.  Speaking with a fan and fellow New Yorker, Charles, in regards to what drew him to the story, he said “I like the idea of witches, some homicidal, others not, falling in love.  There’s a certain eroticism and violence found within the pages that I haven’t seen recently.”  Celia, a friend of Carl Li, couldn’t have been happier to get her hands on a physical copy of the novel; the first copy going to Headley’s mother (and we wouldn’t have it any other way!)

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Celia, one of the actresses in “Revenge of the Green Dragons”, alongside author, Jaysen Headley

photo 1 (1)The second day of promotion, taking place at Kiehl’s, and servicing as more of the formal event, finds Jaysen Headley and Carl Li significantly more relaxed and at ease.  Meeting up with them at Schmackery’s, they’re about to pick up an order of cookies to bring to the launch event.  This event, starting at 6, quickly fills and not more than a half hour in finds a crowd already filling up the beautifully and positively New York City store.  Julie Perez, manager of retail sales and Randy LaRue, store manager are quick to accommodate Headley in every way possible that goes beyond the definition of gracious hosts.  Helping set up, they have a table top normally reserved for store products and promotions designated for a Schmackery’s cookie platter, assorted goodies and samples, complete with a drink dispenser filled with a non-alcoholic apple-tini mix (it brings to mind a witches brew, quite fitting for the theme of “A Love Story for Witches.”

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Jaysen Headley, with a cup of Martinelli’s sparkling cider in hand, toasts the crowd and gives everyone at hand a bit of an intimate back-story on the process of Love Story.  “A Love Story For Witches started as a comic book 2 years ago and we couldn’t find an artist, and then through a friend we found someone at Random House that wanted to publish it as a book.  That was pretty exciting except a week before I got the news they wanted to publish it as a book I found out, as many of you know, that I had a tumor on my lung.  So when they asked me to write the book, the first thing I thought was this is the only chance I have, so rather than being terrified as I had never written a novel before, I just kind of jumped in and went for it.  And now here we are, no more cancer.”  Near the close of a warm reception, there’s that feeling of joy and love in the air that feels like Christmas on Halloween Eve.  The project has been a true passion for the author, his editor and partner, Li and everyone else involved.  Be it editor, Amy Chang who stayed up nights to Carina Jollie, who laughed and commented on Headley’s jokes, there is not one single soul here that isn’t happy for him.  Speaking with a friend of Headley’s, Jeff Yamane, “I’ve been eager to read [Love Story] and as someone who “beta tested” the novel as Jaysen first wrote it, it was already something in the fantasy wheelhouse which I love.  I love fantasy and fantasy action.”  Yamane’s words rung true, and his eagerness showed, as he could be found reading during the night’s festivities.  “A Love Story For Witches” already has a sequel in the works and will soon see it’s world and mythology grow.  One of the attendees at the Kiehl’s launch party had said “The last book I probably read was “Percy Jackson.”  I honestly don’t read much, but I’m looking forward to reading a new series.  And I think I’ve just found it [in regards to Love Story.]

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L to R: Editors Amy Chang, Carl Li, Author Jaysen Headley, and Editor Carina Jollie

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At the end of the two-day promotional event for “A Love Story For Witches”, Jaysen Headley retells a conversation he had earlier.  “I was just talking to a friend of mine and she said ‘I’ll see you tomorrow!’  So I said to her ‘What’s tomorrow?’  ‘Halloween’ she replied.  I’ve been so busy that I forgot Halloween.  So now I get to enjoy myself, have a drink and relax the whole day.”  After a long process, “A Love Story for Witches” is finally out and the past two days serve as a true New York City love story for “A Love Story…”


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“A Love Story for Witches” is now available and could be purchased through Amazon.

What’cha Reading would like to credit Joe Swalef for all photography.


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