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The Looking Glass Wars Come To a Close…


The Looking Glass Wars Come To a Close...

I started reading Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars with the novels way back in 2004 then the graphic novel in 2007, which I picked up from Mr. Beddor at NYCC. It was a slam dunk the author of the novels had teamed up with one of my favorite artists, Ben Templesmith. What a great fit. So I read, and read and this series has given fans of the fantasy genre a great ride.

Here’s a piece I posted back in 2011, even four volumes later it’s still an apt description,

Looking Glass Wars/ Hatter M: Know someone who loves fantasy novels? Get them hooked on the Looking Glass Wars series by Frank Beddor then you can introduce them to the Hatter M graphic novels from the same series. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories this series of novels proposes that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass were actually true though distorted in the retelling. A fun read for those fans of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and NBC’s Grimm.


A little more on the story itself may be in order. What if the stories of Alice and Wonderland weren’t fiction? What if the stories just got twisted in the retelling? When a bloody coup happens in Wonderland Queen Genevieve orders Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan to take Princess Alyss away from Wonderland to the safety of our world. When the two of them are separated Hatter begins his epic journey to find the lost Princess and return to Wonderland. The care and detail Frank Beddor took in twisting this classic and making it into this dark and action packed series is a credit to his creativity and his talent. Add to that the two wonderful artists he’s had with him through the four volumes (Ben Templesmith in volume one followed by Sami Makkonen) and this series is a slam dunk. Hatter Madigan is an amazingly cool character, a first class warrior/bodyguard with a penchant for blades and an amazing weapon, his hat. Trust me it’s really cool.

You can pick up all four previous volumes from your local comic shop or amazon. And volume 5 is is being released in both hardcover and paperback on 2/24 in bookstores and online retail and 2/25 in comic shops (find your local comic shop here). The retail price is $24.99 hardcover, $14.99 paperback. Pre-orders of signed copies are available at

The links below are all…

Hatter M, Vol. 1: The Looking Glass Wars (Hatter M Looking Glass Wars)


Hatter M, Vol. 2: Mad with Wonder


Hatter M, Vol. 3: The Nature of Wonder


Hatter M Volume 4: Zen of Wonder Softcover

HatterM-LoWcoverHatter M: Love of Wonder Volume 5 TP

Official synopsis for Love of Wonder

In the 5th and final volume, looking glasses shatter as our worlds collide and characters from Wonderland increasingly cross over to aid or block Hatter in his single-minded quest to find Alyss and bring her home. Redd’s Black Imagination has ruled Wonderland for 13 years without fear of reprisal and now the specter of Alyss’ return to claim the throne has unleashed a storm of paranoiac rage. Hatter Madigan is at the center of this crusade as he must simultaneously battle the enemies of wonder as well as his own beliefs and loyalties. All paths through time and space, through blood and steel, from his world to our world, have led Hatter Madigan to this moment — a life or death confrontation with the only warrior in the Looking Glass Wars universe capable of defeating him and destroying the love of wonder.

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