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A Look Inside Batman v. Superman!


A Look Inside Batman v. Superman!

Ahead of next week’s San Diego Comic Con, Entertainment Weekly has unveiled their SDCC special featuring the cast of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


The cover features DC Comics’ Trinity – Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and Superman (Henry Cavill).


Entertainment Weekly also released seven new and official photos from the film and set.  All photography is by Clay Enos, a frequent collaborator with director Zack Snyder.  Chief among the photos is an intense stare-down between Batman and the Man of Steel.  Revealed in the exclusive is that the fight, as teased in the first trailer, will be a climactic battle on a roof-top.  The armor on Batman (something fans already know) is inspired by the suit he wears in the Frank Miller classic, The Dark Knight Returns.  We also now know Batman’s armor is a “reinforced mech suit equipped with strength-augmenting armor, and kryptonite!


EW goes on to show a first look at Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, outside of her Wonder Woman attire.  She’s pictured with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.  “I love the fact that there was this Thomas Crowne Affair, Bond-y sexy scene that they wrote about two people who are pretending to be two different people who each know the secrets of the other person,” says Ben Affleck.  The scene does seem to show that Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman will have more of a sincere presence in the March 2016 film, though Jason Momoa’s Aquaman might just be an extended cameo of sorts.


One of the biggest concerns among fans of Superman has been if Dawn of Justice is a true sequel to Man of Steel.  While Henry Cavill has spoken of Dawn of Justice being a “separate entity”, he does go on to clarify his comments with Entertainment Weekly.  “I like to think that Man of Steel was the perspective of the world from Clark, Kal-El, looking at the world and trying to exist with in it,” says Cavill. “Batman v Superman is definitely more mankind’s perspective of Superman.”  Personally, as a Superman fan, I don’t have any worries over the Zack Snyder film with a script by Chris Terrio (Argo).  If anything, it would seem that Man of Steel is serving as the catalyst to the DC Extended Universe on film, in the same respect that the 2008 Iron Man got the ball rolling for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’d also like to point out that the photo released is a variation of a scene we glimpsed from the trailer.  You could check out my thoughts, on the said scene, in my trailer dissection here.


While 2013’s Man of Steel wasn’t as dark as Christopher Nolan’s work on The Dark Knight Trilogy, the film did maintain Nolan’s approach to a natural and organic story-telling method steeped in a sense of realism.  It would seem as if Batman v. Superman may be darker than Man of Steel, especially with Batman in it.  “It means that when it was supposed to look rainy and miserable, it had to be rainy and miserable,” says Affleck of the high chance of precipitation on set. “The long dark night of the soul and whatnot.”


Entertainment Weekly has also provided fans with our first look at Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, in film.  Our first shot of Eisenberg as Luthor was a character portrait by Clay Enos.  While we saw a close up of Eisenberg with a bald head, we (at the time) still were unsure how he’d look in the film.  With this current unveiling, we now have a better understanding of how Luthor will be presented within Batman v. Superman.


I, along with many other fans, have been quick to point out that Batman v. Superman seems to have a similar, political tone that Watchmen had.  In the last photo, by Clay Enos, that Entertainment Weekly released, we see director Zack Snyder with Ben Affleck, on set.  Snyder’s shirt features an emblem created for the crew working on the film.  It features a Bat, an “S”, and the scales of justice.  However, the shirt is based on political imagery established during the Reagan administration.  For those of you unfamiliar, it’s something definitely worth researching.  Here’s a hint.  Google Alternative Tentacles.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 2016 and will be featured during Saturday’s SDCC panel at Hall H.  More info located here.

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