Long Beach Comic Con & New Jersey Comic Expo Have Both Coasts Covered! ~ What'cha Reading?

Long Beach Comic Con & New Jersey Comic Expo Have Both Coasts Covered!

We received this exciting press release from MAD Events about Long Beach Comic Con & New Jersey Comic Expo. Seems MAD Events has made quite a splash on the convention scene. We haven’t made it to Long Beach Comic Con yet but we did attend New Jersey Comic Expo and found it fun, welcoming, and surprisingly full of cool guests and companies (check out our coverage here.) What do you think? Will you check out MAD Events um events Long Beach Comic Con & New Jersey Comic Expo?
MAD Events Gear Up for East & West Coast Conventions 

Long Beach Comic Con & New Jersey Comic Expo Await Comic Fans this Fall

It’s time to start planning your Fall convention schedule! Luckily, MAD Events have events on BOTH coasts to keep you geeking out well into November. Fan favorite Long Beach Comic Con arrives September 17-18th at the Long Beach Convention Center, providing fans with jam packed days full of programming, a sea of friendly cosplayers and a show floor full of artists and vendors that can’t be missed. November 19th and 20th, MAD sets up in their own backyard for a second year of the New Jersey Comic Expo at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center! Our first year brought Jim Lee and a kid’s corner with a massive PIRATE SHIP! How can we top that? Let’s just say…plans are in motion! Here’s a look at show highlights locked in so far…

LONG BEACH COMIC CON: September 17-18  ( http://longbeachcomiccon.com/ )

Peter David (Novelist & Comic Book Writer: X-Factor, The Incredible Hulk, Supergirl, Young Justice, Captain Marvel)
Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester (Voice of Batman and Robin on Batman: The Animated Series and Batman: Arkham Knight)
Greg Land (Artist – The Uncanny X-Men, Birds of Prey, Nightwing, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate Power)
Phil Lamarr (Actor & Voice Actor – Pulp Fiction, Futurama, Samurai Jack, Justice League, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Jae Lee (Eisner Award-winning artist for Marvel’s Inhumans, Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, Batman/Superman)
Dustin Nguyen (Descender, Li’l Gotham, American Vampire, Batman Streets of Gotham, Detective Comics, Batman, Wildcats)
Mike Perkins (Harvey & Eisner Award Nominated Illustrator: Captain America, Thor, Astonishing X-Men, Stephen King’s The Stand)
The Cast of 85′ G.I.Joe Cartoon Series with Arthur Burghardt (Destro), Morgan Lofting (Baroness), Michael Bell (Duke) and Hank Garrett (Dialtone)
Cosplayers Alicia Marie, Vegas Power Girl and Stella Chuu
Long Beach Comic Con 2015 DC Comics Joker and Harley Cosplayers

NJCElogo_njce_largeNew Jersey Comic Expo: November 19-20http://newjerseycomicexpo.com/ )

Fabian Nicieza (Co-Creator of Deadpool & X-Force, Writer – X-Men, X-Force, New Warriors, Cable and Deadpool & Thunderbolts)
David Finch (Wonder Woman, Batman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Ultimate X-Men, New Avengers)
Colleen Doran (New York Times Bestselling cartoonist and illustrator. Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee, The Walking Dead, Marvel’s SHIELD)
Peter David (Novelist & Comic Book Writer: X-Factor, The Incredible Hulk, Supergirl, Young Justice, Captain Marvel)
Joe Caramagna (Writer – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-man: Web Warriors, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 2)
Paul Jenkins (Eisner Award Winning Creator, writer: Replica from AfterShock Comics, Hellblazer, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Witchblade)
Bob Layton (Iconic artist/writer for Iron Man, Hercules; Co-founder of Valiant Comics, Co-founder of Future Comics)
Neil Vokes (Comic Creator for more than 30 years, Artist – Superman Adventures, Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounters, Ninjak)
New Jersey Comic Expo 2015 Jim Lee with Pirates
More guests can be found on each website and more show features will be added right up til showtime!
Tickets for both events are on sale NOW. Hit the links above and grab them today!

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