Logan's Run: Solo and Logan's Run: Rebirth continue the Logan's Run Saga ~ What'cha Reading?

Logan’s Run: Solo and Logan’s Run: Rebirth continue the Logan’s Run Saga


After reading the trade paperbacks for Logan’s Run: Last Day and Logan’s Run: Aftermath, I moved on to the fantastic one-shot, Logan’s Run: Solo. As a one-shot, there’s a lot of risk of spoilerific detail, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: Buy. This. Book.


Okay, I’ll give a little more detail. A Sandman hunts down a runner, outside the complex, in the desert. Cornered, the runner has a dialogue with the Sandman, telling his life story as a citizen of the complexes and what ultimately influenced his decision to run. It’s an eye-opening look at the secrets held by those in power, but will the Sandman be swayed? There’s a twist to the ending that will blow you away. William F. Nolan and Jason Brock create a tight story that kept me riveted until the very end.  Marcelo Salaza’s art is a little on the rough side, but his Sandman and Runner perspectives, shadowed with the desert sun glaring down, were brilliant. I love this rendering of the Sandman costume, with the skull-like helmet that leaves no question as to what kind of “deep sleep” the operatives are dealing out.

 Logan’s Run: Rebirth is the newest title, with two issues currently available. The first issue delves into the origin of Box, the cybernetic being Logan and Jessica discover in the frozen wastes back in Logan’s Run: Last Day. Box, whose existence precedes that of the post-apocalyptic Little War, tells the story of the war and its aftermath as it affected him, and it provides a richer background and depth of perspective for the reader. The first issue ends and second issue picks up the story after the events of Aftermath, when Logan seeks Box out for a mission that will bring down the Thinkers and the complexes for good.


Paul J. Salamoff constructs a solid story in this series, and I’m looking forward to reading more as I go. Logan’s Run: Solo and Logan’s Run: Rebirth are both available on Comixology. I’m giving Logan’s Run: Solo four Runners out of five, and Logan’s Run: Rebirth a strong three Runners out of five.

Writers: William F. Nolan & Jason Brock
Artist: Marcelo Salaza
Price: $1.99 on Comixology

Writer: Paul J. Salamoff
Artist: Cesare Tatarelli
Price: $1.99 on Comixology

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