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Logan’s Run: Last Day and Aftermath bring the Logan novels to you!


I spent a lot of time reading Bluewater Productions’ Logan’s Run titles this weekend, so be prepared. I’m a huge fan of the 1976 movie and yes, even the TV series (I was young and impressionable), and while I’ve never had the opportunity to read William F. Nolan’s original novels, I know the story and how it differs from the movie. So I was excited to see that Bluewater is telling the story as Nolan originally intended, with the story of the “Little War” that led to the post-apocalyptic society we see in the movie, and Last Day – the day citizens must self-terminate in the public spectacle known as Carousel – taking place at age 21, not 30, as changed for the movie.

logans run last day

 Logan’s Run: Last Day is a trade paperback collecting the six-issue miniseries from 2010. We get Logan’s story, from birth to his current position as a Sandman – a Deep Sleep operative – who hunts “runners” that try to avoid self-termination at age 21. Logan’s on a mission to discover and destroy “Sanctuary”, the place where the runners escape to live out their lives. We get the history of the Little War and the rise of the complexes as history intercut with Logan’s mission. For those of you familiar with the movie, it’s all here: Cathedral, the young Cubs gang, Logan’s burgeoning love for Jessica, and his showdown with former best friend, Francis. The ice caves are here, but Box is no longer a giant, silver robot; rather, he’s more cyborg, but still carrying out his mission.

Paul J. Salamoff does a good job in bringing the story to the comic format, and Daniel Gete’s art moves the story at a good pace. The art is a little rough, but there are some great interpretations, like the Sandman costume and Box’s new rendering.

Aftermath picks up the story years later – the Thinker is destroyed, and Logan and Jessica are together, with their son, Jaq. They live in the outside world, and are trying to figure it all out as they go. When two children come to Logan, asking for help when marauders attack their town, he doesn’t want to get involved – but he has no idea that someone with a very personal grudge is gunning for him and his family. We get a lot of backstory in the form of flashbacks, some of which come from the pages of Last Day. It’s a strong story, giving us a lot of information about Logan and about the humanity he may never recover.  Paul J. Salamoff has writing duties in Aftermath as well, and gives us a strong story, but I wasn’t a big fan of the art here. It doesn’t detract from the story, it just wasn’t my particular favorite kind of comic art.

logansrun aftermath

Both Last Day and Aftermath are available now; they’re a good investment for anyone interested in a good post-apocalyptic story, particularly if you’re a fan of the movie. Check them out if you have a chance. I give each of these trades a strong 3/5.

Writer: Paul J. Salamoff
Artist: Daniel Gete
Cover Artist: Azim
Price: $5.99 on Comixology

Writer: Paul J. Salamoff
Artist: Phillip Simpson, Mike Dorman, Carsten Biernat, Angel Bernuy
Price: $7.99 on Comixology

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