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Have You Seen Logan Yet? Here’s all you need to know, before you go!


Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing Logan, the Final Solo Film About Wolverine

by Jeremy Pewter

On March 3, 2017, Hugh Jackman will take a final bow as Marvel’s clawed mutant Wolverine. Directed by James Mangold, Logan will be the third and final installment of the character’s solo franchise that begun with the 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Logan is directed by James Mangold (who also directed the 2013’s Wolverine), and it is based on a script by David James Kelly (Straw Man) and Michael Green (Green Lantern). Aside from Hugh Jackman, who has been playing the clawed mutant for 17 years, Logan will also feature Patrick Stewart once again as an aging Charles Xavier.


With the premiere approaching, it’s time to look at what we know about Logan. We will look and at the movie’s trailers and investigate the director’s interviews and social media postings. But, first, let’s discuss what this highly-anticipated movie is all about.

What Happens to Aged Mutants?

As James Mangold hinted in numerous interviews, Logan is at least partly inspired by the acclaimed comic storyline Old Man Logan, where a retired and aged Wolverine is dragged one last time into a quest that takes place in a desolate post-apocalyptic world where the supervillains rule.

As the director said in an interview, Logan will try to explore “the idea of mutants when they are no longer useful to the world, or even sure if they can do what they used to do.” As several of the movie’s posters hinted, the movie will also deal with loneliness and family as themes.

As you might expect, there is going to be a group of villains. Logan will introduce us to an anti-cyborg faction called the Reavers. Mangold was dropping hints on his official Instagram page, where a photo of Narcos actor Boyd Holbrook, labeled as ‘Pierce,” is suggesting he is playing X-Men villain Donald Pierce. There is also another picture of a man with a cybernetic arm, simply known as “Reaver.”

There is another important aspect of Logan’s storyline about a new government initiative that is hunting down child mutants. A new character is introduced, which doesn’t only sound intriguing but could also point us toward Wolverine’s future.

Meet X-23

Logan will introduce Laura Kinney. This young mutant girl is played by Sienna Novikov, and her character is also known as X-23. She is very close to Wolverine in many aspects since she has a regenerative healing factor, superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. More importantly, she has retractable adamantium-coated bone claws in her hands and feet.

Laura, a.k.a. X-23, was first introduced to Marvel’s comics in early 2004. Her first appearance was in the animated series X-Men: Evolution, before Marvel decided to transfer the character to their comics. However, it took two years until we got more information on X-23, with the release of X-23: Target X in 2006.

This comic showed Wolverine escaping the Weapon X project, where scientists have been trying to recreate the success that led to his metal bones. The project’s last sample of Logan’s DNA was damaged, and attempts to make a male clone failed 22 times. However, a female clone was made of what’s left of Logan’s DNA, leading to the birth of X-23.

X-23 was meant to be a ruthless killer. To make her that way, a series of horrifying experiments resulted, with X-23 having only two claws on her hands (Logan has three), but she still has a third metal claw that protrudes from her feet. After the young X-23 accidentally kills her own mother, she decides to go after the man responsible for her hellish life: Wolverine himself.

Since we know that Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine, there are chances that, just as happened in Marvel’s comics, Logan will shape up Laura Kinney to continue the Wolverine franchise in the future.

Marvel has done a great job of creating and shaping X-23, who was very aggressive at first, but her character was softened over time. There is also her human side and her relationship with her mother, so there is a rich backstory that can produce interesting adventures.

The Return of Professor X

Along with Hugh Jackman, we will get to see Patrick Stewart as a fragile Professor X. This character was last seen in 2014’s Days of Future Past.

Stewart first hinted at a potential return to the character in February 2015 and confirmed his role in Logan in early 2016. The first official photo of Stewart in character was revealed by Mangold in October 2016. However, the photo shows a very different look for the former man-in-charge of the X-Men. He is now much older, and, as it was said, he is in a hideout on the Mexican border, where a weary Logan cares for the ailing professor.

Additional Details

The first official trailer for Logan showed a bruised and battered Wolverine with prominent scars all over his body. This was the first sign that Wolverine is now past his prime, as well as that his mutant healing factor is not working as it once did. This was a subtle way for Mangold to introduce us to this well-known character, but also reintroduce us to his current state. After all, it is not hard to believe that Wolverine’s body will start to show signs of age, especially after years of past battles and conflicts.

Additionally, the first official poster of the movie showed Wolverine’s hand along with a much smaller hand. This was our first clue that X-23 will make her appearance in this movie. However, the second poster is more intimate and revealing showing Wolverine and X-23 running away from someone, and Logan’s paternal side as well. As Mangold previously hinted, this superhero movie will deal with loneliness and family issues, and it’s not hard to believe that Wolverine will think of X-23 as his daughter and will ultimately become her mentor.


There is a lot to look forward to in the final installment of the Wolverine series. Your love for the clawed mutant may continue with X-23 in upcoming movies. Maybe she’ll even get her own franchise.


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  1. Logan was fantastic. I approach these movies as someone without background in the comics, and even without knowing about X-23 previously or how Old Man Logan carried itself, the movie works fabulously on its own. A beautiful sendoff for one of this millennium’s most beloved film franchise characters.

    • Chuck Suffel on

      Right? There are very few actors in “comic book movies” who’ve embodied the role the way Hugh Jackman has.

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