Liz Sullivan's InSAMnia - You've totally been here, and it is HILARIOUS. ~ What'cha Reading?

Liz Sullivan’s InSAMnia – You’ve totally been here, and it is HILARIOUS.


Reading Liz Sullivan’s InSAMnia  brings on one of those  moments, where you realize you’re seeing yourself, and you laugh out loud because it’s hilarious and mortifying at the same time.

Meet Sam, who’s clearly suffering from insomnia, coffee overload, or both. Her roommate (signifcant other?) hands her a bottle of sleeping pills to give her some help on her way to dreamland. What follows us a psychedelic trip that only those of us who have hyper-caffeinated, only to turn to Advil PM, NyQuil, or any other sleep aid, only to end up in a crazy, altered state. She hangs out with her teddy bear, and ends up… well, if I give the rest of this short comic away, what kind of reviewer would I be?

As someone who decided to finish a grad degree while embarking on new motherhood for the third time last year, I can tell you that InSAMnia is pretty much the story of my last two semesters (not to mention a substantial part of my undergrad life). I read the digital comic on Comixology  (avaiable 10/9), which adds touchscreen fun to the comic, layering art on the screen and creating a less static experience. The art is adorable and cartoony, and drew me right in. The book itself is short and sweet, and absolutely worth the look and the laugh.

Liz Sullivan also makes webcomics available on her webpage, which you should wander over and check out when you get a chance. There’s some good stuff over there, and I even found a piece from InSAMnia to share with you guys, just so you could get a glimpse into this minicomic.


Give InSAMnia  a shot;  you’ll be laughing and looking at your medicine cabinet a lot more carefully. Embrace it.

Writer & Artist: Liz Sullivan
Format: Digital Comic
Available on: Comixology
Price: TBA
Pub Date: 10/9/2013


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