The Only Living Boy returns with a Kickass Second Issue! ~ What'cha Reading?

The Only Living Boy returns with a Kickass Second Issue!


The Only Living Boy returns with a Kickass Second Issue!Man this is a good series…

When I reviewed issue one back in Oct of 2012 () it blew me away, I felt this was a really great young adult series. I described it then as a “classic adventure fiction in the vein of Burroughs and Kipling with a protagonist that will remind you of Tom, Huck, Jim Hawkins and all those other heroes you dreamed of being when you were a kid”.

In issue one we meet Erik Farrel, he’s scared, on the run, looking for someplace to hide. When he goes to ground in NYC’s Central Park, in the middle of a rain storm, he falls asleep and wakes to find himself in another world.

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He comes to find a patchwork world, made up of pieces stolen from other worlds, presided over by well no spoilers here, go read issue one.


By issue two Erik has already escaped the clutches of a mad scientist thing, and now is in the clutches of another race of beings. Might these creatures help him get home? Erik’s not giving up, even though his memories still haven’t returned he’s more possessed then ever to find his way back home.

I stand squarely behind my original review, though I have to add to it. Along with Erik being a great protagonist the world Steve and David have created is Land of The Lost, Wonderland, The Lost World, with a smattering of Thundarr’s post-apocalyptic Earth all rolled up into one. I can’t wait to see what they show us as Erik explores further. And that got a little easier, David and Steve have started releasing pages in web-comic form. Look below for links to the website and tumblr where you can read up before you decide to buy.

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 Ok so you’re convinced. Now let’s get you some links to buy this book!

First and foremost get to Only Living Boy’s website and/or  tumblr and read a some of issue one. Then? Comixology, issues one and two for 1.99 a piece buy them both and see if you don’t finish issue two and immediately want issue three to magically appear.

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