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Little Maia and the Coral City Review


Sometimes we see a book that just strikes us as different. Little Maia and the Coral City is a wordless picture book, that most definitely tells a story. During the night a rain storm floods Little Maia’s land, and a giant monstrous fish swallows her house whole. She finds herself in the beautiful and strange Coral City. Much in the way of Little Nemo this is a book of discovery and adventure.

Little Maia and the Coral City Review

The imagery may be a little scary but only for the youngest of children. The pictures tell the story very well and the lack of words allow you and your child to fill in the details. This can be a wonderful tool for teaching story telling and bringing your child’s imagination to the bedtime reading ritual. Another fun aspect of the book is that Maia looks nothing like the denizens of Coral City but that doesn’t phase her at all. She reacts like any child would, she’s curious, a little cautious, and quite polite. She also works with the citizens to enact a solution to return her home. And in the end all is well and back to normal.

This is the kind of story book I enjoy with my kids. A simple sweetly drawn story that lets us use our imaginations to enjoy it even more. If you’re looking for a cute fun book to share with your emerging reader (and some older children as well) pick this one up. You can find writer/illustrator Robert Geronimo at countless conventions and his books are available at Ascalon Press.

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When you go to the site look around, the Little Maia sequel made it’s kickstarter goal and will be available for purchase soon! Little Maia and the Lunar Express follows our heroine as she meets and has an adventure with some aliens!

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    • That’s great to hear! I’ve run into him at a few conventions and I have to agree. I found him to be a really nice guy, with some serious storytelling ability. Glad to hear you’re on board for the next book!

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