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Little Golden Books DC Super Friends Big Heroes!


Little Golden Books DC Super Friends Big Heroes!Little Golden Books DC Super Friends is just what people who grew up on Little Golden Books, like me, are looking for. I remember Little Golden Books being filled with characters I recognized in stories that were a little different from the ones I knew. The Pokey Puppy, The Little Engine That Could, Bambi, Pinocchio, stories that my mom wanted to read to me and that I wanted to hear. When I found this in Royal Collectibles, in Forest Hills NY, I knew I had to pick up one or two titles and read them with my son.

Now we are a superhero family, he has, at 5, a solid knowledge of most of the first string Marvel and DC characters. So this book couldn’t just be another intro to the character and their powers, which both of us are quite done with (me more than him of course.) Luckily there is an actual story!

“Big Heroes!” written by Billy Wrecks, who has authored 15 to 20 superhero books for kids and illustrated by Dan Shoening, artist on IDW’s Ghostbusters series, gives us a classic “Justice League” type story with Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman sharing an adventure of epic size!

After watching the Super Friends get lauded by the city yet again Lex Luthor decides to get even once and for all. He uses his shrink ray to reduce the mighty heroes to minuscule size! Can the heroes overcome bugs, spiders, killer plants, rain, and other innocuous, to all but the littlest, threats and stop Lex’s crime spree?

Well you can be pretty sure they will but reading this story to a child is a rare treat, the idea that a praying mantis or a venus fly trap could be a threat to a super hero is both hysterical and great food for imagination. And the teamwork they show is a great lesson to all. The illustrations are great and the storybook format is full of easy to read words for your emerging reader.

This book reminded me how much fun Little Golden Books were and I’m glad I shared it with my kids.

You can buy DC Super Friends Big Heroes!, as well as other titles, at your local bookstore, comic shop, or on amazon.



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