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Light the Bat Signal, We’ve Lost Our Batgirl…


Light the Bat Signal, We've Lost Our Batgirl...Yvonne Craig has lost her two year long battle with [breast]cancer, CNN reports this morning.

Craig, 78, was a pioneer one of the first women superheroes. As Batgirl, on the 1966 Batman tv series, she wowed us not only with her charm and grace but with her fighting prowess. A professionally trained dancer, with Denham’s Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Yvonne actually did her own stunts lending a much needed authenticity to the campy but much loved kids show.
Her portrayal of Batgirl’s alter ego librarian Barbra Gordon also left its mark, with memes using the Batgirl/Barbara Gordon character to show the sexy, tough, and brilliant lady as the ultimate librarian. I’m sure she inspired

On a personal note, I grew up watching the 1966 Batman tv show and have always credited Yvonne Craig with giving me my appreciation for strong no-nonsense women. (As well as my penchant for brunettes.) She was a force to be reckoned with, often coming out on top not only in fight scenes but in verbal exchanges with the other characters. I was always impressed by the fact that though this was Batman’s show she often stole whatever scene she was in.

There’s a quote often attributed to Ms Craig “I meet women today who tell me that they grew up viewing Batgirl as an important role model. If they choose to know me in that context, well, I’ll take it.” Having watched her performances and interviews, and witnessed the impact a young librarian in a superhero costume on so many women of my generation I can say that she was, and will be, a role model. Though she will be missed she leaves a brilliant legacy and a fandom that will live on for many years to come.

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