Life in "The Outer Boroughs" is Anything but Normal ~ What'cha Reading?

Life in “The Outer Boroughs” is Anything but Normal

Life in "The Outer Boroughs" is Anything but Normal

Artwork by Simon Fraser

Due to the sheer number of things I posted with the hashtag “NYCC” over the weekend, I ended up with a fair amount of new followers on Twitter. Some of them sent me pictures that they had taken at NYCC, others commented on what I had posted, and one pitched me something. Turns out that something is a pretty cool concept: a webseries called “The Outer Boroughs,” which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their second season. The new season which will include a tentacled monster named Sludgy living in the toxic depths of Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal. Since I travel over that canal every time I take the train from my house into the city, I have a special affinity for said body of water and the way the drops of oil, paint, and other assorted substances on the surface move one way while the tide pushes the water in a different direction entirely. (No, that shouldn’t make sense according to science, but it’s the Gowanus Canal, and it doesn’t want your science.) I’m pretty sure Sludgy does live in there, so I want to help these guys out. Below, you’ll find all the information about their project. Consider backing it (the Kickstarter page is here.)

The Outer Boroughs – A supernatural webseries set and filmed in New York City

The Outer Boroughs is a about two friends, Dan and Pete who move to New York City. Unable to afford to live in Manhattan the guys are forced to live in the borough of Queens where they begin to encounter all sorts of supernatural phenomena.

Season One ended with Dan and Pete’s apartment being sucked into another dimension. In this new episode, Dan and Pete are now living in Gowanus, where they encounter a whole new batch of creatures and monsters. In this new episode, Dan and his new girlfriend Boof kick Pete out of their new apartment.  Lonely Pete befriends the creature that lives in the Gowanus Canal and names him Sludgy.  The only problem is is that Sludgy really likes to eat and he needs Pete’s help to do it.


In an attempt to up the production quality, series creator Eugene Lehnert has decided to try to create a full-sized puppet for the actors to work with on set. While the previous five episodes used a lot of CGI, he wanted to change the look of the show in the second season. To do this, Lehnert has enlisted the help of Serra Hirsch. Serra is an accomplished puppeteer with a long list of credits including the Stephen Colbert Puppet used on stage for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

The plan is to build a life-sized puppet that Serra and a team of puppeteers operate during the production. The shoot will take place directly on the Carroll Street bridge in Brooklyn filming over the canal. They’ll need to shut down the bridge at night, pay for insurance, and hire a small professional crew to light and to film the episode.

The idea is to create a fun episode that shows off Brooklyn in an original and creative way. Something that calls back to the movies we liked as kids before CGI was rampant through films. To create a product utilizing the many talented people who work in our business and make it worth while for everyone to do. This is why they are attempting to raise $50,000 for the production.



Since Kickstarter is an all or nothing model we will be unable to create Sludgy if we do not reach our goal. If you like the project please donate and help spread the word to your friends. If we reach our goal you will have helped make a really cool project in Brooklyn happen and put a lot of good hard-working people to work. And you will have helped make Sludgy truly roam the waters of the Gowanus Canal!


If you would like to know more about the project and the people involved please email Eugene at Be sure to follow Dan on Twitter at @danboroughs for all weird The Outer Boroughs info you can get in 140 characters or less.

About the Creative Team:

Eugene Lehnert studied Cinema (B.A.) at Binghamton University in upstate New York. Eugene currently works in post production at a company called Prime Focus in Manhattan. Eugene has worked on many televisions shows and independent films such as Madmen, Herby & Dorothy, Putzel, Vidal Sassoon: The Movie and A Birder’s Guide to Everything.

Much of Serra Hirsch’s work can be seen online at:

Dan Wolfe roams the streets of Brooklyn looking for adventure.  Lately he’s been found in this McDonalds television spot  At other times he’s writing and starring in his own films.

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