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Let The Flash, The Arrow, or The Atom Guard Your Desk!


Collectible fans and comic enthusiasts are well acclimated with the comic/merchandise bible Previews.  The publication is out monthly and should be readily available at your local comic shop.  It’s worth flipping through as there are many items that are normally exclusive and could only be ordered through your LCS.  It is with great excitement that we present you the following exclusive Previews collectibles:

Let The Flash, The Arrow, or The Atom Guard Your Desk!

  • Flash TV Statue Paperweight (Item Code: AUG152807, SRP: $50)


  • Arrow TV Season 1 Statue Paperweight (Item Code: AUG152809, SRP: $50)

atom statue paperweight

  • Atom Statue Paperweight (Item Code: AUG152810, SRP: $50)

Earlier this summer we wrote about ICON Heroes line of high end Arrow, Flash, and ATOM paperweights. Yesterday we broke the announcement of ICON Heroes and ABC Studios Partnership over Once Upon a Time action figures.  It is evident that they are a company worth paying attention to and with Previews announcement of their Arrow, Flash, and ATOM paperweights, we think Previews magazine is one to look through next time your at your comic shop.

Interested? Order these statue paperweights at your local comic shop www.comicshoplocator.com to pre-order it!

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