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Lego Friends – Legos for girls who like Legos!


What?!? My daughter has been playing with Lego since she was old enough to stop swallowing them and she played with Duplo before that.

The sets were always generic, weren’t they? Um no, they weren’t…

Well okay but that was a licensed set, that’s different. Right?

No I don’t think its all that different. Let’s face it this could’ve been a whole lot worse.  Who wouldn’t love Barbie Legos? Or Bratz? Wait, I wouldn’t.

Let’s face it, the Lego mini figure with moveable arms and legs was introduced in 1978 and it hasn’t changed all that much. (they’ve sold over 4 billion to date)

I think it’s great that they’ve decided to give girls something they can more readily identify with. Now where are the new and improved guy mini figures, cause that dude above this paragraph he don’t look a thing like me.

So all in all I think these sets are pretty cool. More importantly so does my daughter. In fact we’ve started a series of reviews over at Alternative Mindz, take a look:

My daughter Becca turned six this month and was inundated with Lego Friends sets. I’ve come out against these sets in the past but I must admit I was wrong. The sets are simple and overpriced (what Lego’s aren’t overpriced?) but as for whether or not it’s a good thing to have sets for girls I think it is. Becca and I have been building sets together since she’s been about 4. In the beginning of course she looked at the pictures and tried to find me the pieces. Slowly but surely though she began putting pieces together with me and now with these new sets I’m turning pages in the manual and watching her build.” :continued at

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