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Legends of Tomorrow…Today!


The new CW series, Legends of Tomorrow, is set to premiere on January 21 and will center on nine characters who have been previously introduced and seen on The Flash and Arrow.  The CW released individual posters promoting each character on the show, giving fans a closer look at the various “Legends.”  Keeping in line with the character posters of late, especially with past posters from The Flash and Arrow, they are sure to excite those already counting down until the series premiere next month.


We’ll start with Jefferson “Jax” Jackson a.k.a Firestorm played by Franz Drameh.  Fans will know him from The Flash as the new second half of Firestorm who helps Martin Stein control his own powers after the death of the first Firestorm, Ronnie.


Kendra Saunders, played by Ciara Renee, was first introduced on The Flash during the “Heroes Join Forces” crossover.  It is later revealed she is really a reincarnated Egyptian, Priestess Shayara who is an enemy of Vandal Savage.  The costume is theatrical, but not over-the-top comic-booky in the sense that many fans were initially concerned with.  After having seen her on both The Flash and Arrow, she is now one of the characters I cannot wait to see appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

White Canary

If you watch Arrow, you know Caity Lotz and if you follow our recaps, you’ll know how much Steven loves Sara Lance a.k.a Canary, and sister to Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy).  She was the original Canary, but died during the season three premiere.  This past year on Arrow saw her resurrected after being placed in the Lazarus Pit and has now taken on the name of White Canary.  While we miss seeing Lotz in her traditional Canary outfit, the white look to the White Canary provides an interesting contrast to the other colorful “Legends.”  Ever the gifted athlete and stunt-woman, we can’t wait to see White Canary come to life on screen.


Hawkman is also an ancient Egyptian, Prince Khufu, who appeared on The Flash and Arrow as Carter Hall and is played by Falk Hentschel.  He was seeking to help Kendra “emerge” as Hawkgirl.  The costume, very much like Hawkgirl, maintains a similar aesthetic to the comic books, but with an updated modernization we’re so used to seeing with super-hero adaptations.  It’ll be fun to see Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s further adventures in the DC Universe.  The last time we saw a version of Hawkman was on The CW’s Smallville.

Heat Wave

Heat Wave, played by Dominic Purcell, is a “Rogue”–no, make that legend–on The Flash.  Mick Rory is partners with Leonard Snart on a botched robbery which causes him to receive horrific burns on his body.  He disappears underground, but reemerges to reunite with Snart against The Flash.  The look is nice and simple.  He has his fire gun, which is all he needs to wreak havoc on Central City.  Dominic Purcell was a great addition to the cast of The Flash, especially since the show has reunited him with Prison Break alum such as Wentoworth Miller.


ATOM has been a familiar face on Arrow since season three. Brandon Routh of Superman Returns fame plays Ray Palmer who is believed to be killed in the Palmer Industries explosion.  He is later to be discovered alive by Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and it’s revealed that he has discovered the ability to shrink through tech.  As of right now, and much similar to Sara Lance, he’s departed to rediscover his purpose.

Martin Stein

Professor Martin Stein has the power to utilize fire but he cannot control it. He is protrayed by Victor Garber on The Flash.  He decides to merge his powers with Ronnie, creating Firestorm. When Ronnie is killed, he recruits Jefferson Jackson to become the new half of Firestorm.

Captain Cold

On The Flash, Captain Cold is Heatwave’s partner and leader of the Central City Rogues.  Leonard Snart is portrayed by Wentworth Miller and is one of the most likable villains.  He’s recurred several times throughout the series and, like Dominic Purcell, is great to see back on screen.  We’re all very excited to see Captain Cold and Heatwave return in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Rip Hunter

Our last character being showcased for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the time-traveling Rip Hunter played by Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who fame.  Hunter assembles the team of Legends to defeat the immortal Vandal Savage who plans could destroy time.  It may be safe to say that Darvill will feel right at home in this role after being on Doctor Who.

Being that it is the week before Christmas, January 21 does not seem very far off anymore.  I am very interested in watching this show, especially after seeing these posters and the talent portraying them.  The Flash and Arrow are huge hits so I see no reason why this show would not find an immediate following when it premieres.  Normally, on an ensemble show, I can pick out my absolute favorite character ahead of time, but that is not the case for Legends of Tomorrow.  I think I like all of them already!

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