Legends of Red Sonja comes to its conclusion... when do we get more? ~ What'cha Reading?

Legends of Red Sonja comes to its conclusion… when do we get more?


So Legends of Red Sonja comes to a close with issue 5, with two stories – The Pazyryk, by Blair Butler and art by Jim Calafiore, and The Play’s the Thing, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and art by Valentine DeLandro. As always, Gail Simone’s storyline bookends the issue.

Legends of Red Sonja comes to its conclusion... when do we get more?

The hunt for Red Sonja has gone on for five issues, and finally, there’s going to be a throwdown. Sonja drew first blood last issue, and the men of the hunting party are foolish enough to think they’ve got her on the run. In The Pazyryk, Blair Butler sees the hunt through one hunter’s eyes – The Pazyryk – as he remembers his mother, a warrior woman like the one he hunts now. It’s a character study that’s well-done and has surprising depth to it, for a story told in eight pages.

The Play’s the Thing, by the awesome Kelly Sue DeConnick, has the party meet up with a traveling band of actors… sure, we’ll go with that. There’s witty banter, and a scene that will assure that you never look at Red Sonja’s chainmail bikini in the same light ever again. EVER. The gods bless you, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine DeLandro. Bless. You.

So what happens next? Well… that would be telling, wouldn’t it? Suffice to say that Red Sonja isn’t exactly hiding, and the hunters aren’t exactly smart enough to run. The issue concludes with me wanting more legends of Red Sonja… so when’s that going to happen, Dynamite?

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Writers: Gail Simone, Blair Burton, Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artists: Jack Jadson, Jim Calafiore, Valentine DeLandro
Cover Artist: Jay Anacleto
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Dynamite
On-Sale: March 26, 2014
Diamond ID: JAN141013

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