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Legends of the Night – Four books, Four pieces of the puzzle…


The DC Universe, the Marvel Universe, ever-changing, growing, shrinking. Constant retcon’s and reboots or “relaunches” as they’re currently known. What if there was a comic universe with not only a beginning and a definite predetermined end? A universe where all the stories gave us a little piece of the big picture?

That’s the promise of Legends of The Night.

I received four different books; Mythos, Horrors of War, Predation, and In the Shadows of Rome…

LOTN MythosCover

Mythos gives us the illustrated history of the LOTN universe. From cradle to grave the highs and lows of a world played out in image and prose. Written by Karl White with art contributed by eight different artists of varying styles it’s a beautiful if slightly dense history, one that a fan of the series is sure to appreciate.


Next up we have Horrors of War…

LOTN HoW Cover

LOTN – Horrors of War takes place during WWII but this isn’t just a war comic. Written by Karl White and illustrated by Rudolfo Buscaglia it paints a very different picture of events during “the war to end all wars”. After the bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the zombies came, but this isn’t some atomic accident, this is the outbreak of a virus. An outbreak perpetrated by a Japanese scientist, but why? And what does he hold in store for the rest of the world.

LOTN_HoW3LOTN Predation Cover

LOTN Predation answers the question “what frightens the frighteners?”. Is there anything that can scare a serial killer? In 1999, after a reign of terror that claimed the lives of eight female victims, the trail for “The Cleaner” killer ran cold. What would cause such a prolific killer to suddenly just stop? Karl White pens a horror tale within a horror tale in this one and JM Ringuet’s stark artwork only adds to the twisted beauty of it all. Definitely my favorite of the four.


LOTN – In the Shadows of Rome – is the story of the fall of Rome to the Visigoths and the mysterious fanged creature, the last of her kind. Will she, and Rome, survive Alaric’s barbarian army? What role could she play in this historic conflict?


Four books, four stories all pieces of a puzzle. And there’s more to come.

Check out www.legendsofthenight.com for links to purchase these volumes at amazon and barnes and noble. While you’re there take a look at the blog for more on the Legends of The Night universe. Check them out on facebook at www.facebook.com/legendsofthenight and twitter @LOTNcreator

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