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Legenderry #1 from Willingham and Davilla – Adventurous, Flirty, and Fun!


Steampunk is fantastic. I love the clothes. The stories. The whole atmosphere. Whether characters I’m used to in other settings will work in a Steampunk setting, well that’s a bit of touch and go. Thankfully in Legenderry it works beautifully.


In issue one we have newsman Britt Reid, AKA the Green Hornet enjoying a drink with the owner of Club Scarlet, Vampirella Pendragon, in the aforementioned club. There is much fun flirting going on until their fun is interrupted by a woman in distress and a number of armed and dangerous thugs close behind. Much mayhem ensues.

I had a rollicking good time with this comic. It’s light, flirty, funny and adventurous. Just as good Steampunk should be. I enjoyed these characters in the different setting, while still showing their familiar characteristics. Plus it’s always fun to have characters who rarely associate come in contact with each other, such as the Green Hornet and Vampirella. As annoying as they’ve become, cross-overs became popular for just this reason.

The art is well suited to the setting. The characters are familiar enough but fit in with their surroundings just fine. The Victorian feel to the backdrops is well done.

I give 4 out of 5 stars to Legenderry. Mostly holding a star back for the potential we haven’t seen in the story yet. This is definitely a set up issue but I can’t wait to see where it leads.

Layout 1 Layout 1

Layout 1 Layout 1

Bill Willingham (w)
Sergio Fernandez Davilla (a)
Joe Benitez (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

We start in the Big City, protected by Vampirella and the Green Hornet. A scarlet clad woman of mystery rushes into a bar, pursued by a team of assassins. The terror that breaks loose there and then will eventually lead (in the issues that follow) to The Phantom’s Jungle, Flash Gordon’s space age town of Landing, battles in the sky with Captain Victory, and so much more, until finally, we arrive in the Monstrous Lands, protected by… well, nobody.

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