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Legendary Television Acquires Lazarus for Scripted TV Series


I’ve been a champion of the brilliance of Greg Rucka’s Lazarus since issue #1. He has built a fascinating world in which governments have fallen and corporate families rule the divided globe. Each family has a genetically modified “Lazarus” the champion and protector of the family. The series explores its dystopian future through each level, exploring the feudal framework of the society.

Legendary Television Acquires Lazarus for Scripted TV Series

In what the Hollywood Reporter referred to as a “competitive bidding war”, Legendary Television has acquired the rights to develop Lazarus as a scripted television series. Reports state that Rucka himself is signed to write the pilot, I’d like to note that Rucka himself retweeted an article so I’m guessing it’s all true.

Rucka served as executive producer on the film adaptation of his graphic novel “Whiteout”. He has written numerous comics as well as novels. His comic series “Queen and Country” has been optioned by Fox.

If they’re wondering about casting, Michelle Rodriguez has made it clear she’d love to play the lead character, Forever Carlyle:

“Lazarus” is well situated for a series. I’d like to see it on Netflix or cable so it can be as dark as it needs to be but honestly I’ll be happy that it gets made at all. Acquiring rights and working on a pilot do not always lead to a series pick up. I’ll be burning candles and sacrificing gummy bears to send this project all the luck I can.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Lazarus Volumes 1, 2 and 3 (3 is only available at comic shops now, it releases to booksellers like Amazon next week) are available now. As is the deluxe hardcover edition, which I own.

LAZARUS_TPB Lazarus_Vol2-1

lazarus 3 lazarus cover

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