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Last of the Sandwalkers – A Voyage of Discovery


A colony of beetles sets out from their home, to discover what lies beyond their boundaries. Frustrated with their society, which frowns upon too much scientific research, the group, including an enthusiastic, curious young beetle named Lucy, makes a tremendous find, only to find betrayal within their own group. Lucy will uncover a lot of secrets as she fights her way back to her home colony.

Last of the Sandwalkers - A Voyage of DiscoveryI was blown away by this book, not only for the tight storytelling, but the sheer amount of science included in the story. Jay Hosler is a Ph.D. and an Assistant Professor of Biology at Juniata College in Pennsylvania, so be assured that this man knows what he’s talking about. Not only do we get solid concepts regarding scientific research and inquiry, but you’ll find yourself getting a crash course in Entomology (the study of bugs), too.

Hosler provides some fascinating art in here, too. It’s not often you’ll hear me call a bug “likable”, but Hosler makes his characters likable, often very cute, and the bad guy is one of those villains that you will love to hate.

The thing is, at no point do you feel like he’s talking down to his audience, nor does he talk over anyone’s head. Jay Hosler has an impressive CV, and one of the things he does is create comic books to teach kids. He knows how to get his facts across in a way that people will enjoy them, but they will also remember what they learned. Middle and high school science teachers need to put this book on their syllabus for their insect study units. Does your little one like Pixar’s A Bug’s Life? Put this book on their shelf to discover when they get a little older. With notes and a comprehensive list of resources to round out the book, this is a great addition to library, school, and tween’s shelves.

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Writer & Artist: Jay Hosler
Publisher: :01 First Second
On-Sale: April 7, 2015
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 9781626720244

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