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The Lanterns Meet The New Gods – Who Can Save The Universe!


The Lanterns Meet The New Gods - Who Can Save The Universe!Green Lantern New Gods: Godhead #1
w. Venditti, Jordan, Jensen, Soule, & Nunn
a. Woods, Van Sciver, Sudzuka, Chriscross, & Mailo

Why?:  Are you simple?  Can you not see how cool this event is? The New Gods, arguably Kirby ‘s greatest creation, are finally making their presence known in the New 52, in a big old cosmic way. Yeah yeah, we had Darkseid and Boom Tubes, Desaad, and Orion stirring stuff up over in Wonder Woman.  Metron here and there.
But no more hints or clues or peeks at New Genesis. Now we get the full treatment
and it rocks!
When Metron alerts Highfather to a new presence on the Source Wall, the two New Gods investigate. They find Relic, a new addition to the infinite wall along the edge of the universe,  populated by ancient dead gods fossilized into it. Metron, using the advanced technology of New Genesis, temporarily revives Relic to gain some useful information.
Relic became attached to the Source Wall after destroying the Blue Lantern Corps and attempting to end the use of all emotional spectrum ring wielders. Kyle Rayner, using the combined powers of all the Rings and channeling it through his White ring was able to breach the Source Wall, dragging Relic with him. Kyle was able to return from the other side, a feat thought impossible, leaving Relic to a stony purgatory absorbed into the Wall (all of which can be seen in last year’s Light’s Out crossover).
This information not only incites Highfather, I mean c’mon, how dare hapless mortals wield such great power, it intrigues him. The White Lantern just might be the power source the Gods of New Genesis having been looking for eons. While Darkseid spends his time and power looking for the Anti-Life Equation, New Genesis has long sought the Life Equation, a pure form of Creation Energy that would allow them to finally win the War with Apokolips! Remember this is not the old bearded hippie Highfather of yesteryear, this is the New 52 General of an Army Highfather, you won’t see any robes, floating or lounging around on this New Genesis.
Highfather, with the ultimate weapon within his grasp, dispatches his top Soldiers across the known universe, with a mission for each one: Bring back a ring!
Needless to say, shenanigans ensue!
New Gods look at mortals like the ants we are, and quickly take away a Ring from each Corps, much like a nasty adult would snatch candy from child, and with as much ease. Leaving Corps’ characters and even whole planets fractured in their wake. Highfather’s generals return, their mission accomplished.

While all the Corps’ reel from the sudden and intense attacks, Highfather has his Smith forge a device capable of channeling the energy of the seven Rings. Attempting to field test their new Weapon of Light, Highfather takes his generals to a backwoods, criminal planet on the fringe of the universe and attempts to evolve the denizens with power of the White Lantern.
Something goes horribly wrong. The planet’s population devolves into deranged monstrous creatures instead of being washed with the light of Creation and turned into demi-gods.
Highfather comes to two conclusions – one: they must find Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern, and see what makes him so special he can control the White Lanterns immense powers. And two: The Rings of all the Spectrum are too dangerous to be left in the hands of mortal beings.
So it’s War.

Which leads to….

Green_Lantern_Vol_5-35_Cover-1_TeaserGreen Lantern #35
w. Robert Venditti
a. Billy Tan


Honestly I can’t tell you much without ruining key plot threads or going over what I just wrote above. Needless to say, the excitement continues as the New Gods breach the Green Lanterns databases via their stolen ring, and Hal Jordan lets them, hoping to spring a trap. The GL Corps is quickly overmatched in a great showdown with Orion, that will set the tone for this crossover, and future relations between the two sides for ages to come. When a glimpse through a Boom Tube shows Hal the size and scope of the force they face, what fateful decisions will he be forced to make to save the universe once again???

(*this review originally appears in Bob’s Threat Level Wednesday for Oct 01, 2014)

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