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Lady Death Fans: Kickstart THIS.


Lady Death fans, I know you’re out there! Whether you’re old school from the Chaos! Comics days or have come on board more recently thanks to Dynamite’s Lady Demon run, Lady Death has been kicking ass for over 20 years now. If you like the Dynamite Chaos! titles: Chastity; Evil Ernie; Purgatori, and Lady Demon, you need to avail yourself to Lady Death, where they all began.

Lady Death Fans: Kickstart THIS.

Lady Death #1: Between Heaven and Hell, 1995

Brian Pulido, Lady Death’s creator, has brought Lady Death roaring back to life thanks to Kickstarter. Earlier this year, he held a Kickstarter for her new graphic novel, Chaos Rules. It did so well that she’s coming back with another Kickstarter: Damnation Game. In Damnation Game, Lady Death rescues an innocent boy who’s been dragged into Hell, and has to go through the city of Damnation to return the boy to earth. Aided by the trouble-loving Haxan and opposed by the Hellwitch, you can bet that Lady Death is in for a helluva fight!

lady death_2



The Lady Death: Damnation Game Kickstarter starts in less than 24 hours. Keep tabs on the Lady Death Facebook page or on Coffin Comics’ site. There are great backer rewards at all levels, so get in on this and let’s make it happen! Check out a sneak peek at some of the art from Damnation Game, courtesy of Kickstarter and Brian Pulido.

damnation game

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