Knock down the door. Loot the treasure. Stab Your Buddy. Munchkin #1 is here! ~ What'cha Reading?

Knock down the door. Loot the treasure. Stab Your Buddy. Munchkin #1 is here!


Munchkin fans, our day has arrived! BOOM!’s Munchkin #1 hits shelves wednesday 1/28, complete with an exclusive card to add to your deck!

Not familiar with Munchkin? It’s a hilarious tabletop adventure card game where you and your fellow players can fight monsters, grab treasure, and double-cross one another. (It’s key to winning the game, as my 11 year-old son will tell you.) Brought to life by Steve Jackson Games and heavily influenced by artist John Kovalic’s Dungeon & Dragons role-playing comic, The Dork Tower, Munchkins is too much fun to play – and now, to read.

Knock down the door. Loot the treasure. Stab Your Buddy. Munchkin #1 is here!

This first issue easily brings the fun and adventure of the tabletop game to comic form. Four stories, written by Tom Siddell, Jim Zub, and John Kovalic, give a pretty amazing outline of game play. “What is a Munchkin” extends the invitation to the reader – the player – with a humorous layout of what’s what. “Humans Got No Class” brings the reader into the adventure world of Munchkin through Human Dave, a player who’s not really as consumed by the world of Munchkin as he should be – yet. “Ready for Anything” gives players who we really want to see – Spyke, the Munchkin mascot who’s on every box, as he teams up with someone who learns the key Munchkin rule the hard way. “Table of Contents” will remind old school roleplayers of the good ole Dork Tower days.

I could go on, but I really want this issue to speak for itself. Suffice to say that if you’re a Munchkin fan, you have to pick this issue up for the art and the writing, which will crack you up and bring you right into your own game world. If you’re not yet a fan, but appreciate crackpot fantasy and adventure, grab this issue and get ready to make a trip to your favorite tabletop store – you’re going to be playing a lot of Munchkin.

There are some amazing variant covers out there – check ’em out, plus a sneak peek at the art, right here.

Munchkin_001_coverB Munchkin_001_coverC Munchkin_001_coverD

Munchkin_001_coverE Munchkin_001_PRESS-8 Munchkin_001_PRESS-9

Munchkin_001_PRESS-10 Munchkin_001_PRESS-12 Munchkin_001_PRESS-13

Munchkin_001_PRESS-14 Munchkin_001_PRESS-15

Writers: Tom Sidell, Jim Zub, John Kovalic
Artists: Mike Holmes, Rian Sygh, John Kovalic
Cover Artist: Ian McGinty
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: Jan. 28, 2015
Diamond ID: NOV141115

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