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Review – The Kill Screen #2 Cascade


Review - The Kill Screen #2 CascadeI reviewed the first issue of Kill Screen back in May. I was surprised at the intensity of the story and at how much I enjoyed it. The second issue is now available and I enjoyed it even more than the first.

The basic premise of the series is that a computer glitch has spread to the human race and destroyed civilization. The survivors do their best to escape from the various groups of the infected, called Followers. They are distinguished by the colors of their skin, blue, red, green is what we know of so far. In this issue we find Chris, the guy we met in issue one, with a couple other survivors. They have a plan but of course as all good plans it goes awry.

This is a fascinating world Garley’s creating. I’m enjoying seeing more of it. The story is definitely gripping enough to keep you turning pages and just a little sorry when you get to the end. The artist, Josh Sherwell,  does a good job of fleshing out the story with unique visuals.

KS2-02 KS2-03 KS2-04

I’m giving The Kill Screen #2 : Cascade 4 out of 5 stars. A fascinating look at a different type of dystopian future. I highly recommend checking it out.

Want to pick up a copy of The Kill Screen #2 (or #1?) go here! And hey while you’re at it why not read our review of Mike’s book Eponymous.

The Kill Screen #2
Written by Mike Garley, art by Josh Sherwell, and letters by Mike Stock
28 Pages

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