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The Kill Screen #1 – I Love You – No Really, I Do


Early on in my tenure here at What’cha Reading, I reviewed Mike Garley’s Emponymous, which I loved. Now he has a new title coming out, Kill Screen, which I had the pleasure of reading the first issue of.

The Kill Screen #1 - I Love You - No Really, I Do

A description from their promo package:

The Kill Screen is a brand new creator owned comic written by Mike Garley, with artwork by Josh Sherwell, and letters by Mike Stock.

Humanity has reached its Kill Screen. Now only the strongest will survive as computer
errors transcend from the digital world into our own, destroying everything in their way. Set two years after ‘the Kill Screen’ event, humanity is left on the brink of extinction leaving the remaining survivors caught in a deadly 8-Bit fight for survival. No one knows what caused computer errors and technological faults to infect our world,
but with a wide range of different dangers, threatening the lives of the survivors on a daily basis, no one cares. Surviving is all the matters.

Kill Screen is far more intense than I expected, but that’s a good thing. The first issue shows a bit of what happened the day of the event but mostly shows the aftermath. The characters are likable, which makes their struggles even more effecting. The art compliments the writing quite well but it’s the story that draws you in. The world Garley has created is fascinating. Where man and machine have collided. It’s a strong foundation for a series to begin with and offers tons of story line possibilities.

I’m giving Kill Screen #1 – I Love You 4 out of 5 stars. I am definitely looking forward to see how the story develops.

Here are some images to give you a taste:







Issue #1 (ILOVEYOU) will be premiering at the MCM London Comic Con on the 24th of
May and will cost £3.50 for 28 pages (which is roughly $6).
You can find Mike Garley and info on all his comics here.

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