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Kevin Keller Super Hero! Preview/Review Kevin Keller #14


Kevin Keller Super Hero! Preview/Review Kevin Keller #14Ok so I’ve never been a huge fan of Archie, maybe it’s growing up in Queens but life never seemed that chipper(?), simple(?), cute? But I respect what Archie Comics and Dan Parent have come to represent in the world of comics. A wholesome, but not too wholesome look at life and friendships.

Well after Kevin Keller came out of the closet, got his own series, and the world got over Archie Comics having a gay character (though it does seem to be taking awfully long for some to deal) things seem to settle down in Riverdale, back to dating and school life. Though the rest of the Archie universe has been having it’s share of upheaval with Afterlife with Archie and the Death of Archie Andrews. Now it’s time for the next twist in the life of our fresh faced middle-American teen.

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So after Ronnie witnesses Kevin save an old woman from a mugging she launches a convoluted scheme to convince Kevin to become a masked crime fighter. She goes pretty far to make the offer a good one, whether or not Kevin goes for it is anyone’s guess.

This is sort of a G-rated “Kick-ass” and the will he won’t he kept me turning the pages but how far they took the super-hero theme was a bit much. As I said earlier I haven’t read a ton of Archie so this may just be the normal tone of the book, but it got pretty cheesy at the end.

Still this was a well written book and the art is exactly what you’d expect from an Archie book. If you’re a fan, then this dip into the Super-hero pool maybe just what you’ve been waiting for!

Kevin Keller #14
Writer: Parent, Dan
Artist: Parent, Dan
Cover Artist: Parent, Dan
On Sale August 13, 2014
Publisher Archie
Diamond Id: MAR140841
Price: $2.99
UPC: 76281646758201411

Check out the cool variant! Nice.


On an interesting side note the next issue #15 is priced at $3.99 instead of $2.99. This could be a typo at comixology but it makes me wonder.

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