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Ken Tanaka Wants You To Know – Everybody Dies…


Ken Tanaka Wants You To Know - Everybody Dies...In May Harper Design released Tanaka (and Ury’s) “children’s book for adults” Everybody Dies, a full 48 pages of humorous and disturbing reminders of how fleeting life is! In his introduction Ken talks about the fact that “It is the grown-ups who shake in fear when they read the words Everybody Dies, (Grown-ups) know that it is coming, and it can’t be stopped.” So Ken put together this book, it feels like a humorous reassuring pat on the hand, a book to read and nod along with, while smiling at the absurdity of it all.

It’s chock full of insights like Cute Animals Die (with images of Hippos, Koalas, and Wiener dogs)… And So Do The Scary Ones (Sharks, Snakes, Spiders). And activity pages like Check The Box If You Know Someone Who Died Of… with responses such as Helicopter Crash, Ski Accident, and Tigers and there’s Help Baby Toby Die Of Old Age, where you guide him through a maze avoiding peanut allergies, being lost at sea, and the ever popular escaped rhino.


This was a fun book, fun and a little disturbing (which makes it all the more fun yes?), I had never experienced the wit of David Ury (I’m not that big into Youtube or the everything Japanese fandom) but I really enjoyed his take on embracing our mortality. This is one of those books I’ll pass on to friends just to see their reaction, then I’ll tell them to buy their own!

You can find Everybody Dies at your LCS, Barnes and Noble, or

And just to show how disturbed David really is here’s the trailer he put together for Everybody Dies with some of his “Breaking Bad” cohorts:

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