Justice Inc - The Avenger #1 Preview - Review ~ What'cha Reading?

Justice Inc – The Avenger #1 Preview – Review

Justice Inc - The Avenger #1 Preview - Review

Cover by Alex Ross

Richard Henry Benson is… The Avenger! A master of disguise, thanks to his pale features being forever deadened by a horrible past event, he and his team of victims turned vigilantes serve retribution to those who would prey upon the weak! Mark Waid (Daredevil, Star Wars: Princess Leia, and countless other titles) takes on the challenge of writing a book that has been “a lifelong dream” of his.

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Mr. Waid’s work that the story pulls you right in. From the frenetic opening scene of Justice Inc dispatching some mobsters, previewed here, to the slow build of the client, the aged Mrs. Menter, entering the Justice Inc headquarters Waid handles the pulp storytelling you’d expect from and Justice Inc book with style and ease. Ronilson Freire’s (Green Hornet, Vampirella) artwork is moody, detailed and, where necessary, fast paced, though his slightly more modern take on Benson’s face, and the many expressions it conveyed took a bit of getting used to.

This is definitely a fun pulp book, one worth picking up just so you can see a well oiled team go up against some cool enemies, And wait until you see who they’re up against in this one. Hint: There’s massive foreshadowing in the scene where Mrs. Menter looks around the Justice Inc headquarters.

I’d say Mark Waid and The Avenger are a nice fit, grab it tomorrow (06/03) at your local comic shop!

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Justice, Inc. Avenger #1
Mark Waid (w)
Ronilson Freire (a)
Alex Ross (30%), Walter Simonson (30%), Francesco Francavilla (30%), Marc Laming (10%) (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Ask your retailer about the incentive covers! Below are by; Walter Simonson, Franco Francavilla, Marc Laming
JusticeAvenger01-Cov-B-Simonson JusticeAvenger01-Cov-C-Francavilla JusticeAvenger01-Cov-D-Laming


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