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Just Another Sheep – A Trippy 60’s Coming of Age Story, Plus SciFi!!


Just Another Sheep - A Trippy 60's Coming of Age Story, Plus SciFi!!Here’s the press release for a kickstarter you should definitely look at! (review follows)

Just Another Sheep, the sci-fi road trip set during the Summer of Love is running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its last two issues.
San Francisco, CA (WEB) April 13, 2014 — Over the last year and a half the Just Another Sheep creative team comprised of writer Mat Heagerty (Wrinkled- 215ink), artists JD Faith (VIRGIL), colorist Paul Little (Morning Glories- Image Comics), colorist Jon Cairns (Alpha Flag), and letterer Ed Brisson (Sheltered- Image Comics) have been working towards the completion of the five issue miniseries.
The story follows a timid teen learning to think for himself in the tumultuous 1960’s. But it’s not simply the story of a soul search. The teen is on a quest to find out how he has the ability to make people experience anything his body has before– be that food poisoning, intoxication, pleasure, or pain.
The campaign went live Monday April 9th and has a goal set of $5,000 to help fund artists fees. To learn more about the comic, readers can visit the project’s pitch page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/matheagerty/just-another-sheep-a-graphic-novel

So I read issues one and two of Just Another Sheep today (you can too! click here) and was pleasantly surprised to find a very cool story. Set in war-torn 1967 with the anti-war movement in full swing. No big setup or introduction paragraph in the opening panels we’re just thrust right into the story. Accosted on a bus for appearing to be a “hippie” Banning (our main character) is roughed up and defends himself. With a gleam of his eyes and a few spoken words his attackers fall to the floor of the bus, one clutching his now broken arm, the other throwing up violently. Thrown off the bus, though the victim of the attack, Banning oddly takes the bus drivers anger without fighting back. Sitting at a bus stop wondering how he’s ever going to get to Boston now (we learn the reasons for the trip soon) he meets a girl. Sadie is a beautiful hippie chick, currently involved (with her friends) in a protest. Banning gets drawn into the protest and almost immediately joins the cause. Within those first pages we see Banning as a victim, though one who has the power to respond. And a follower, though with the abilities he’s shown surely he could lead?

As the issue unfolds we begin to see the larger picture but even with the exposition from other characters I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for where this book went. A story that starts as a simple man-with-strange-powers trying to find his place becomes a political thriller with the turn of one page. I’ve only read the first two issues but I’m hooked. I really want to know what happens to Banning and what the mysterious people pulling the strings have in store for him, and the country!

The art is top-notch, the colors vibrant and trippy without being distracting, the page layouts and lettering range from simple to psychedelic without knocking you out of the story. Even the concept feels fresh. An empath whose power works to the limit of his own experience is definitely a new twist on a super-power and it looks like it could be an interesting one.

For concept, story, and execution I give Just Another Sheep a 3.5 out of 5! Whether you back the kickstarter or just go to the site check this one out. It’s a great read.

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