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Just Another Sheep is coming to a shop near you!


Just Another Sheep is coming to a shop near you!Back in April of 2014 I reviewed Matt Heagerty’s Just Another Sheep, it was a really strong story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much I backed the Kickstarter. I had only read the first two issues at the time but now I can tell you the full mini series is well worth it.

Now Just Another Sheep will be available in comic shops thanks to our friends at Action Lab!

Here’s the blurb:

In 1969 a timid teen sets out on a road trip. His goal? Find out the origins of his bizarre super human abilities. Always the follower, his trip is derailed when he befriends a group of extremist war protesters.

And here’s a bit of my original review:

I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for where this book went. A story that starts as a simple man-with-strange-powers trying to find his place becomes a political thriller with the turn of one page. I’ve only read the first two issues but I’m hooked. I really want to know what happens to Banning and what the mysterious people pulling the strings have in store for him, and the country!

The art is top-notch, the colors vibrant and trippy without being distracting, the page layouts and lettering range from simple to psychedelic without knocking you out of the story. Even the concept feels fresh. An empath whose power works to the limit of his own experience is definitely a new twist on a super-power and it looks like it could be an interesting one.


The rest of the series didn’t disappoint. If you’re into superheroes, psychedelic art, and political thrillers then this book is definitely a perfect choice. Preorder it at your local comic shop using the code SEP150909 or print out the handy form below!


Just Another Sheep #1
Writer: Mat Heagerty
Artist/Cover Artist: J D Faith
Item Code: SEP150909
In Shops: 11/4/2015
Price: $3.99

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