Jughead Gets A Little More 'Charm'ing with Guest Artist!

Jughead Gets A Little More ‘Charm’ing with Guest Artist!


Art by Derek Charm. Image courtesy of Archie Comics.

Artist Derek Charm of IDW’s Star Trek: Starfleet Academy fame has been announced as a guest artist for this June’s Jughead!  Following in the tradition of featuring guest artists on their titles, much like Annie Wu working on Archie, Derek Charm looks to bring, well, charm to the pages of the burger loving, day-dreaming friend of Archie Andrews.

Archie Comics have maintained a high level of talent for their rebooted Riverdale universe and adding Derek Charm to the lineup should bring in a fresh level of energy to the series.  Building on the groundwork established by artist Erica Henderson in the zany and action packed opening arc, Charm joins the series for a two-month guest artist stint that sees Jughead and Archie attempt to escape the madness of Riverdale by going on a trip out of town. But as readers know, wherever Jughead goes, madness is sure to follow!

“I was asked to do a cover first, and then another, and then interiors, so it just kept growing—which is amazing,” says Derek Charm on getting the gig as guest artist. “I was and am really excited to spend some time with these characters and figure out “New Riverdale.”

While Derek Charm’s guest stint on Jughead doesn’t begin until June, we do have issue #5 to look forward to which releases next week on Wednesday, March 30th.


Art by Derek Charm. Image courtesy of Archie Comics.


Art by Derek Charm. Image via Archie Comics.

With the announcement of The CW’s new series Riverdale, and the success of Archie Comics new titles, this is the best time to be a fan of the students at Riverdale.  I’ve long been a fan and in support of Archie and his friend Jughead and cannot wait to see what’s in store for comic readers in the coming months!

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